‘Sex And The City’ To Be Revived As Limited Series For HBO Max With Original Stars ‘except’ Kim Cattrall after Sarah Jessica Parker‘ feud!

One of the most admirable shows, Sex and the City, will reboot with all the original stars except the feature star Kim Cattrall after she gets involved in the Sarah Jessica Parker feud.

This 64 years old actress will not be going to be featured in this upcoming drama series.

This original American comedy-drama aired on HBO from 1998 till 2004. Sarah Jessica seemed in the role of Carrie Bradshaw, Ratched (American suspense drama) star Cynthia Nixon in the character of Miranda Hobbes, and Kristin Davis in the part of Charlotte York.

Although there is clarified that the show will reboot on HBO when Sarah Jessica speaks to entertainment tonight that she will be pleased to do a few episodes of Sex and the City in its revisit. In the original series, two Sex and city movies aired in 2008 and 2010, it is very clear about Kim’s absence in the show as she got engaged in the public feud with Sarah behind Carrie for years.

If we took you back in 2018, remember that Sarah told in Watch What Happens Live show, which was also hosted by Andy Cohen, that she was hurt and broken. When Kim stated that she would never be friends with her Sex and the city’s co-stars
She also added that it would be very upsetting after hearing this, but that’s not how she(Kim) addressed it. It was a great experience on the show. Although they got so professional on the set but as the show run over the year, they became so friendly and shared much personal experience in the whole beautiful journey.

She also concluded that many years were so special for everyone as it was such a privilege to work on. But unfortunately, in 2019, Kim closed every chance to come back on the show in Samantha’s character.

During her interview on the ‘Observer’ channel, she added that she would be delighted to work on the Sex and the City comedy series. She felt it to be a blessing till the first movie, but then it became enough for her. She also questioned the makers that she didn’t understand why they wouldn’t replace her with another actress as she completely denied to be in the series.

Although in many HBO series, Carrie Bradshaw (the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker) has seemed. So in the upcoming movie, there is a chance for adding a new actress to fill in Samantha’s shoes.
Perhaps you will get to watch Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte.

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