Snoop Dogg Partners With DNC To Promote Mail-In Voting: ‘Drop It In The Box’!

Recently a new leading advertisement presented by Democratic National Committee is encouraging the US population for upcoming elections to be done in the Ballot Drop boxes aspect. For this one-minute endorsement, DNC took over the rights of 2004’s legends hit song of Snoop Dogg “Drop it like it’s hot” song. This newly released advertisement prominently telecasted on digital platforms like Hulu, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in combat states like Michigan, Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas.

It is the creation of Chris Robinson with the alliance of Alicia key and Jay Z.

This 44-year-old performer is conferring his 2004 hit “Drop it like it’s Hot” to the engagement launched by the Democratic National Committee. Throughout the whole endorsement, he impulses the people to place their votes(ballots) in their respective dropbox location. As stated by the rapper, it is the first time and most important election for his life. That’s why he requested every single American to go out and vote for the most deserving candidate.

Recently this endorsement was posted on the Democratic National Committee’s official YouTube channel. You can see Mask wearing the population get out from their home to Drop their valuable ballot in their nearby location, and the track “Drop it like it’s Hot” is playing at the back.

So if you are still deprived of this newly DNC campaign advertisement, then have a look it:

This DNC’s recent step is to evoke the population for the ballot boxes voting, which comes out to be a controversial issue by President Donald Trump and few GOP (Grand Old Party) members. This recent issue is becoming so controversial among the various parties representing each other in the coming US elections. 

Gilbert Hinojosa, Texas State Democratic party chairperson, claimed against this voting method and stated this to be a shameful and blatant act that will create discrimination in the voting numbers of black and Latinx voters in some of the biggest country of US like Texas and California. 

On the other hand, President Donald Trump claimed it as a big fraud in the name of ballot box voting by the DNC. He also raises concerns about the covid-19 pandemic’s security and preventions in this system. He also addressed that this Ballots Box voting idea might be implemented to perform multiple voting in the coming elections.

Day by day, it is becoming a quite controversial and hot topic of the country to talk about. Comment below to share your views upon Ballots Box voting whether you find it more efficient or against this system. 

Have a watch at the endorsement and ready to vote in upcoming elections!

Till then stay attuned with us for more recent news.

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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