Sexify Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Latest News!

When it comes to movies about sexuality and teens’ freedom of expression about sex, Netflix has some of the best series you can binge on. Sex Education is one of the numerous series which has become common among the youth, and recently Sexify was released, a series believed to be an answer to Sex education.

Sexify talks about sexuality in an educational way and not the usual steamy, overrated and overdone sex talks. Directed by Kalia Alabrudzinska, Sexify is a polish sex show that tells the story of Natalie, a female tech student and her thirst to develop the algorithms for the female orgasm. Partnering with two allies, she starts on a journey not too many can face.

Sexify Season 2 Release Date:

Wondering if you will be seeing Natalie and her gang one more time? Worry no more, the series got renewed a while back by Netflix, and if everything works out in our favor, we should see a second season come April. The first season premiered on Netflix on 29th April 2021, and it had eight episodes with a run time of 37-51 minutes.

We expect season two to have eight episodes or more and a longer run time than the first one. Since Netflix usually takes one year apart in releasing a second season, Season two might debut any time in April.

Sexify Season 2 Cast:

Since there is no update on casts disqualified for the second season, we expect most of the casts who featured in the first season to reprise their roles in the second season. Aleksandra Skraba (Below the surface) will be back as Natalie, Maria Soboncinska (All For my mother) as Paulina, and Sandara Drzymalska. We may also see Edyta Turhan reprising her role as Natalie’s mother in the second season. Just like in every other new season, we should be open to the possibility of different faces.

Sexify Season 2 Plot:

Season one revolved around Natalie, a computer genius willing to go all the mile to bag the winner’s prize at the competition. She has to think of something fast, intelligent but not so ridiculous or cringe-worthy. She decides on an App that will allow the female population to talk about their sex life freely, gain tips to improve their sex life and share their worst experiences with others. She does not have the experience needed; therefore, she uses the help of her two friends, Paulina and Monika. In the first season, the three did not win the competition despite their effort and dedication to the project. In the second season, we should expect better of the three as they already have firsthand experience on what to improve on. Learning from the season one mistakes, maybe this time Natalie may make her dreams come true should expect to see unrelenting support from the families. Humour and lots of drama.

Sexify Season 2 Trailer:

Despite Netflix renewing the show a while ago, a trailer for the second season is yet to be released by the show’s creator. We should expect a trailer anytime soon as the release date gets closer each passing day. While this is in progress, Netflix has a variety of sex-themed shows such as Sex Education, Euphoria that you may want to check out. If you haven’t watched the first season of Sexify, then look no further than Netflix.

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