Sacha Baron Cohen Exposes Details Regarding New ‘Borat’ Movie!

A comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen, discloses details regarding his Borat sequel in an interview with The New York Times. During the COVID-19 crisis, It was shot secretly. 

Like the previous season of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Baron spent several days walking around with the two conspirators, interacting with real, unconcerned people while in character. 

Why Did Baron Revive The Borat Character?

Baron said that he was inspired by the dangers of authoritarianism. It was not intended to expose racism and anti-Semitism. The main objective is to make others laugh.

What Did The Baron Say About The Character?

The toughest thing he did for this role was that he had to live in the character of Borat for five days in Lockdown House. He was getting up, eating, sleeping as Borat when he lived in a house with two conspirators. He didn’t even have a moment to get out of the character. 

Baron revealed that Borat comes back to the US with his daughter to marry someone. He puts his daughter in a cage, among other incredible antics. His daughter compares her cage that it is “nicer than Melania.” 

When Borat takes her on shopping and on buying the chocolate cake, he demands with a smiling face that “Jews will not replace us” write on it in icing.

What Happens At The Political Action Conference?

Baron explained the Political Action Conference in which Mike pence gave a speech. He dressed as a Donald Trump and wore a fat suit. 

There was security to check people passing by. With all this in mind, he spent five hours on makeup that day and took Donald’s face with a prosthetic team. He was hiding in the bathroom and was enclosed by police and internal security.

Borat 2 will launch on Amazon Prime Video on October 23. Stay tuned to our page to read such entertainment news.

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