Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 138 Spoilers: Check Out The Release Date And Time!

‘Attack on Titan’ is reaching close to its final, and fans are eagerly awaiting chapter 138. Let’s find out when AOT Chapter 138 will be released.

A few days away from the forthcoming chapter of Attack On Titan, the AOT spoiler has started airing on social media. While none of these have been officially revealed, we reveal an AOT 138 spoiler is spreading on social media.

It began in September 2009 and has been a huge fan following since its inception. Chapter 138 is the second last chapter of AOT, and its release date is April 9th, 2021. AOT fans have high anticipation from it.

Telecast Timings:

As per sources, this upcoming chapter will telecast at different times for all countries. Its timing will rely on the nation’s time zone. Following is the schedule of release of AOT Chapter 138 for several countries:

Pacific Time 7 AM
Central Time: 9 AM
Eastern Time: 10 AM
Pakistan time: 8 PM
Indian Standard time: 8:30 PM
British Time: 3 PM
European Time: 4 PM
Japan time: 12 AM
Korea Time: 12 AM
Australia Central Time: 1: 30 AM

There is no official confirmation of the spoiler. Here are some likely leaks of the next chapter.

  • As fans were speculating before, Eren will not surrender himself in the final chapter.
  • Annie, Pieck, Levi, and Mikasa will expire.
  • Falco, Gabby, and Armin are the only survivors.
  • Armin sacrifices himself to protect Eren.
  • Humanity’s New Dawn is the caption of the 138th chapter.
  • We will see Zeke, who is not in human look but is confused about which path he is on.
  • Historia has given birth to her child and has gone through intense pain.
  • During the explosion, Reiner was seriously injured and died soon after being saved by Armin.
  • Still, Ymir titans are in the outside world, but she is on her path.
  • Levi plunges from a considerable height and badly hurts his leg, and now he is incapable of walking.
  • Mikasa, Jean, and Pieck are displayed struggling for their lives, and Ymir explains that this is the beginning of a new world.
  • In the path, Ymir meets Eren.

Release Date:

  • AOT fans can anticipate this chapter to be available for English translations on Monday, March 8th. ‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 138 is set to air on March 9th in Japan.

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