Jackass TV Series: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything That You Want To Know!

The Jackass gang can’t seem to have enough of the comedy show as more is being prepared to premiere on Paramount. It was only recently that the show Jackass Forever was released, and it got quite the following. The show amassed $23.5 million, landing top at the box office movie charts. The movie also brought together fans of the original series casts, including Johnny Knoxville, Preston Lacy, and Chris Pontius. The original show, Jackass, first aired from 2002 to 2001  on MTV, and since then, it has managed to expand and get a variety of spinoffs.

Jackass Release Date:

Bob Bakish, the CEO of Paramount, already confirmed that they were working to create yet another series. Bakish stated that they would be using the success that Forever 21 has earned to market the new series, which will bring more antics to the screen. Despite confirmation of the work in progress, they are yet to release the official release date. The number of episodes that the show will have is also yet to be discussed, but all this will be revealed soon. If filming goes smoothly, we should expect the first season by 2023.

Jackass Casts:

We are still not certain of the casts that will reprise their roles in the upcoming series. Jackass Forever, earlier released, consisted of most of the series members, Johnny Knoxville included. The bad news is that the actor might not be there for the next season, as he was at retiring. Knoxville said that most pranks usually have the possibility of ending badly.

He even highlighted an earlier injury he sustained while filming the Jackass Forever series. He added that he had done enough and had nothing to prove. Passing the torch to a fresh face will have to do. Audiences should expect to see familiar faces like comedian prankster Eric Andre, Jasper Dolphin of Odd Future, Machine Gun Kelly, etc. The initial series also featured new faces, and we should also expect new faces in the upcoming tv series.

Jackass Plot:

The series majors on the will antics that its cast can come up with. After the show being around for eleven years, there is, however, the question that does the stuntman still has tricks to amaze the audience. Pulling the stunts is not usually as easy as the stars have incurred injuries not once or twice. Weeman said that some of the series’ tricks hurt the most in one of the interviews. Therefore, there may be a downgrade to the level of stunts the crew can make. With Knoxville stepping down to afford new talents the luxury, we will have to wait for the show’s debut to judge.

Jackass Trailer:

The Jackass tv series trailer is yet to be released, and as of May, the showrunners are yet to provide an update. There are a lot of projects coming up, and Jackass Forever 4,5 are one of them. You may want to check out the show on 2Oth May. It will have new episodes and extra footage shots made in filming the Jackass Forever series.

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