Top 10 Richest Women In The World!

There’s no woman in the world’s top 10 wealthiest people list; there’s no refusal that some women are having great success worldwide. Nowadays, the amount of richest women is increasing. As per Forbes real-time billionaire’s record, let’s look at the list of the top 10 richest women in the world:

10. Gina Rinehart:

 Net worth: $13.1 Billion 
 Born: 9 February 1954
 Nationality: Australian
 Country: Perth, Western Australia
 Profession: Mining Magnate and Executive Chairman
 Company: Hancock Prospecting
 Major Investments: Australia Olympics Efforts, Roy Hill Mining Project, Beef Sector 

Forbes considers Gina Rinehart, the tenth wealthiest woman in the world, who made her destiny in Australian iron ore. From 1992, she became the Hancock Prospecting Company’s executive chairman, established by her father, Lang Hancock. The drop in wholesale iron ore and AUD / USD exchange prices significantly affected Rinehart’s wealth ranking between 2013 and 2019. In 2020, she again set up her rank as the richest woman.


9. Zhong Huijuan:

 Net worth: $14.6 Billion
 Born: 1958
 Nationality: Chinese
 Belonging:  Shanghai, China
 Profession: Pharmaceuticals
 Company: Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine 

The founder and chairperson of Chinese Drugmaker Hansoh Pharmaceutical Company,  Zhong Huijuan, is one of the self-made world’s richest women. She is a former chemistry teacher before she started her own company. Her healthcare industry manufactures drugs to cure several diseases such as oncology, cardiovascular, psychoactive, antidiabetic, and other medicines. In 2019, it generated revenue of $ 1.2 billion. Her husband is a billionaire founder of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine.

8. Laurene Powell Jobs:

 Net worth: $16.4 Billion
 Born: 6 February 1963
 Nationality: American
 Country: Palo Alto, California, United States
 Profession: Businesswomen, Philanthropic
 Company: Emerson Collective, College Track, Laurene Powell Jobs Trust
 Major Investments: Coding school 

Laurene Powell Jobs is also included in the list of the world’s wealthiest women. She’s the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and inherited Steve Jobs Trust and even the shares from his companies Apple and Walt Disney. She established Emerson Collective that operates for social issues, immigration, and education improvements.


7. Susanne Klatten:

 Net worth: $16.8 Billion
 Born: 28 April 1962
 Nationality: German
 Country: Germany
 Profession: Economist
 Company: BMW, Pharmaceuticals
 Achievements: Bayerischer Verdienstorden Award 

Susanne Klatten is Germany’s richest woman. She has 19.2% shares of automaker BMW and the sole owner of her grandfather’s pharmaceutical Altanta, transform it into the world’s best corporation. She also holds shares of wind energy organization Nordex AG and carbon and graphite manufacturer SGL Group.


6. Yang Huiyan:

 Net worth: $20.3 Billion
 Born: 1981
 Nationality: Cypriot-Chinese
 Country: Foshan, China
 Profession: Property Developer, a shareholder of her father company
 Company: Country Garden 

Country Garden’s shareholder and board member Yang Huiyan is Asia’s wealthiest woman. In 2007, her father and founder of Country Garden, Yang Guoqiang, transferred a large number of stakes to her. During the coronavirus pandemic, this company originated robotic and automated foodservice centers in Wuhan to feed Chinese medical staff.


5. Jacqueline Mars:

 Net worth: $28.9 Billion
 Born: 10 October 1939
 Nationality: American
 Country: The Plains, Virginia, United States
 Profession: Investor, Philanthropist, and Heiress
 Company: Mars Incorporated, Mars Foundation 

The fifth richest woman on earth is Jacqueline Mars. In 1992, she joined the organization as President of the Food product group. She’s the granddaughter of Frank C. Mars, who founded the biggest Candymaker organization. She served as a board member till 2016. Now, her son is a chairperson of this company.


4. Mackenzie Bezos: 

 Net worth: $36 Billion
 Born: 7 April 1970
 Nationality: American
 Country: Seattle, Washington, United States
 Profession: Novelist, Philanthropist
 Company: Amazon
 Achievement: American Book Award 

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos ex-wife, Mackenzie Scott, came into the 2020 billionaire list after their divorce in 2019. The award-winning author received a 25% Amazon stake as a divorce settlement, which was 4% of the company. She declared that she would give approximately $ 1.7 billion to 119 non-profit organizations. She signed the giving pledge to donate at least half of her fortune to charity.


3. Julia Koch:

 Net worth: $38.2 BILLION
 Born: 12 April 1962
 Nationality: American
 Country: New York, United States
 Profession: Businesswomen
 Company: Koch Industries 

After David Koch’s death, Julia and her children inherited a 42% stake from her husband’s firm, Koch Industries. Subsequently, she was added to the list of the world’s billionaire women. Basically, she’s from Iowa, but she shifted to New York in 1980 and became an assistant to fashion Designer Adolfo. She and her husband donated $ 10 million to Mount Sinai Medical Center and $ 10 million to Stanford Children’s Hospital to study food allergies.

2. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers:

 Net worth: $48.9 Billion
 Born: 10 July 1953
 Nationality: French
 Country: Paris, France
 Profession: L'Oreal Chairwoman
 Company: L'Oreal 

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the granddaughter of L’Oreal founder Eugene Schueller. She occupies the second wealthiest women position, according to Forbes. Since 1997, she’s the chairperson and owns 33% of this makeup firm alongside her family. Her fortunes declined during the coronavirus pandemic, with shares dropping by 12% in the first two weeks of March 2020. She and her company donated $226 to repair the Notre Dame cathedral after the fire.


1. Alice Walton:

 Net worth: $54.4 BILLION
 Born: 7 October 1949
 Nationality: American
 Country: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
 Profession: Archaeologist and Classicist
 Company: Amon Carter Museum
 Major Investments:  Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Non-Profit Foundation Art Bridges 

The Walmart founder’s (Sam Walton) daughter, Alice Walton, is the number one richest woman in the world. But she hasn’t any role in running Walmart. Instead, her work is dedicated to curating art and has an extensive collection of art worth around one hundred million dollars. Crystal Bridge features the artwork of Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell, and Mark Rothko. She holds a large number of shares in Walmart shares. 

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