RBD Gathers for Virtual Concert 12 Years After Last Show; See Overwhelming Fan Reactions!

Fans are energized in the wake of viewing the just about two-hour virtual RBD get-together show. ‘Ser o Parecer 2020’ is the ideal show to end this year! After their musical break, Anahí, Christian Chávez, Maite Perroni, and Christopher von Uckermann rejoined to play out their exemplary hits. This get-together was declared in October 2020. It additionally turns out to be the 16th anniversary of acclaimed telenovela ‘Rebelde.’

RBD is back! It’s been a long time since the Mexican pop band had their keep going concert, and on Saturday, four of the original six people rejoined for a virtual show. Christian Chávez, Anahí, Christopher von Uckermann, and MaitePerroni made fans nostalgic with their uber hits, which fans haven’t heard live for longer than 10 years.

News on their reunion was declared in October to praise the 16th anniversary of their telenovela Rebelde. At that point, it was likewise uncovered that Alfonso Herrera and Dulce María would not be partaking. This concert is now impacting the world forever. It is perhaps the most foreseen virtual show of the finish of this current year. It has just broken all the ticket deals records by turning into the ‘live stream’ top rated 2020 in the Hispanic market.

The gathering played out all fan-main tunes like ‘Ser o Parecer,’ ‘Bésame Sin Miedo,’ ‘ Solo QuédateEnSilencio,’ ‘ Este Corazón,’ Enséñame,’ ‘Tras de Mí’ and ‘Nuestro Amor,’ among numerous others well known ones. RDB additionally sang their latest single ‘Siempre He Estado Aquí’.

Fans couldn’t contain their sentiments and feelings for this anticipated get-together. The hashtag #SerOParecer2020 was moving since the show began. Although Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera were not a piece of the gathering, fans appeared to appreciate the virtual show completely.

Old film of the band has additionally appeared in the middle of songs. “They truly shape a whole generation,” a fan remarked on Twitter. Fans were so happy with the gathering sound and look. “Years later, and they solid precisely the equivalent,” said a satisfied RBD follower.

This virtual concert’s planning couldn’t be any better. RBD’s fans are satisfied and glad to see their number one gathering together. This fan summed up the virtual concert consummately: “Thank you RBD for bringing the enthusiasm of what it resembles to be together once more, thank you for satisfying our year’s end for the second we are experiencing, thank you for being you! REBEL FOREVER❤.”

Fans were enthusiastic. Toward the end, we can see the band embracing like bygone eras! “IM SOBBING!!” a fan remarked.
Take a gander at the remainder of astounding responses of their fans:

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