Ghosts Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Must Know!

The BBC one will renew the new season of one of the best British comedy horror sitcoms named Ghosts 2019 TV series. This comedy-drama first aired on 15 April 2019 under the direction of Tom Kingsley. Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha  Howe-Douglas, and Jim Howick is a creator of this hilarious horror drama, which will make you laugh to an extent with the suspicious storyline. This series is written by the cast members featured in tv series named Horrible Histories and Yonderland. This television series has come with its two seasons and is now preparing for the third one.

Each season had six episodes. The overall story is based on a young married couple named Alison and Mike, who recently resided in a Button Hall, which is depicted to be a haunted place in this story. This series is enough to gain a 7/10 rating score on Rotten Tomatoes and has 3.4 million viewers in its first episode. On 21 September 2020, its second season was aired with six new episodes receiving an excellent response by the critics and the viewers. So the fans of the Ghosts are anticipating for its third season

Read below to get more details about the Ghosts to season 3

Ghosts Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

Recently BBC has launched its second season on 21 September 2020, which gained plenty of fan base. Due to its high admiration, there is no surprise that the BBC will come out with its third season. But still, it is not confirmed about the releasing date of Ghosts season 3.

Although we see the releasing trend of this series, we must say that we can watch the third season of Ghosts more likely by 2021. 

So now we only have to hold on for an official announcement by BBC.

Ghosts Season 3 Cast: Who will be the part of it?

This excellent comedy-horror sitcom is highly known for its astonishing cast performances. All the characters had done their best with their impressive comic timings, which leave you rolling on a laugh. Here we have the list of all the star cast that will be featured in Ghost season 3 and their respective characters. Have a look:

  • Charlotte Ritchie in the role of Alison Cooper
  • Kiell Smith-Bynoe in the character of Mike Cooper
  • Martha Howe-Douglas in the character of Lady Fanny Button.
  • Mathew Baynton in the character of Thomas Thorne.
  • Lolly Adefope in the character of Kitty.
  • Jim Howick in the character of Pat Butcher.
  • Katy Wix in the role of Mary.
  • Ben Willbond in the character of The Captain.

Ghosts Season 3 Trailer: When can we watch it?

Recently it’s the second season that has been out by the BBC networks.

More likely, we are expecting to have this upcoming trailer just before the releasing date of Ghosts season 3. So, you have to wait for an official new trailer, but if you are still deprived of the series, we must recommend you have a look at its previous trailer, giving you a quick synopsis of the story the fantastic comic timings of the cast.

Ghosts Season 3 Storyline: What will happen next?

The overall story of the Ghost TV series goes around a spouse named Allison and Mike. Recently they shifted to a Haunted Hall bought by a 99-year-old old relative of theirs. Alison and Mike both wanted to renovate that house into a luxury hotel. This action was not accepted by the ghost who resided in that house for ages for eternity.

That’s why all the ghosts were united together to conspire against them. One of them had also pushed Alison from the upstairs, which leads her to a serious induced. When she woke up after two weeks, they both decided to agree to the ghosts as both the parties were not going to leave the house due to their respective issues. So how the ghosts and the spouse devise the situations to sustain in that house makes the whole story scary and full of humor. 

In the preceding episode of season 2, we saw that Alison went for a night out with her friends, and Mike decided to stay at home alone for the first time. The ghosts did every sort of stuff to scare her. That’s all going in vain. It’s come to a wedding day that the ghost thoroughly ruined as the spouse did their best to make it a perfect wedding, but it ended up with the recall of PAT of his death day. In season 3, there are not many more new situations, but all the things will be going around both parties. Whether they will conclude the Manor’s renovation or the ghost will resist them to leave the house.

So we have to interlude for an official trailer of Ghosts season 3 to get more about the storyline.

Till then, stay up-to-date with us for more latest updates of such amazing stories.

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