Did Pete Davidson Secretly Get Married? His Lawyer Cleared Up The Rumors! Here’s the Truth

Pete Davidson was a part of a fake wedding announcement. You read that correctly! According to a press release, Pete married a woman named Michelle Mootreddy, claiming to announce Pete’s new production company on March 16. According to the fake company’s press release, Pete and Michelle were childhood friends before forming Bodega Cats Presents, and they are now married.

According to a website containing business profiles, Michelle graduated from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor’s in Political Science in 2017.

Now fans of Pete Davidson can exhale a sigh of relief because, amid reports that he secretly married, his lawyer has clarified the situation, calling the rumors “absolutely false.” Pete was revealed as a silent partner for Bodega Cats Presents, LLC, which he allegedly co-founded with his wife, Michelle Davidson, in a press release on March 16 (which has since been retracted). They also claimed that Pete is only now coming forward as a co-founder and co-CEO of the company after acting as a silent partner after its launch last year.

After the fake marriage news emerged, many social media users took to Twitter to share their confusion. “Wait, Pete Davidson’s married?????” one fan asked. While another social media user wrote, “Uhhhhh….. #PeteDavidson is married?!?!”

Amid the rumors, another Twitter user said, “Pete Davidson is not married, you all. Every single one of those websites and ‘news’ pages is a hoax. If Pete were married, his mother and sister would be announcing it on their Instagram accounts, but they haven’t.”

The news came as a shock, particularly because Pete’s photo on the website is a headshot that appears to be many years old. Fans were correct in their skepticism. “Not a word of it is real,” the Saturday Night Live star’s lawyer said in a statement to Page Six on March 16. Mr. Davidson is unaware of who this person is. We’re looking into it and taking both legal and ethical considerations into account.

Pete hasn’t had a public relationship since his split from Kaia Gerber more than a year ago. According to reports, the comedian and the model dated for a few months before calling it to quit in January 2020.

“It became overwhelming for Kaia,” a Page Six source allegedly said at the time. “Pete has a distinct personality and is very possessive of his girlfriends. Kaia is just 18 years old, and she has a lot on her plate.” Soon after, an E! News source claimed that the couple had broken up so Pete could “work on his mental health.” Neither Kaia nor Pete have ever spoken out about their alleged split.

Pete was famously engaged to Ariana Grande for a short period. They started dating in May 2018, and he proposed in June, but their whirlwind relationship ended in September.

From 2016 to 2018, the actor/comedian dated writer Cazzie David. In her recent book, “No One Asked For This,” released in 2020, she detailed their traumatic breakup. Pete had nothing but positive things to say about the novel, indicating that the ex-couple were still on good terms. He stated, “I’m very happy for her.” “It went well, and we’re fine with it… I envy her nothing but the greatest in her future endeavors. I believe she wrote a really funny novel, and I hope it remains on the bestseller list.”

Although it’s uncertain if Pete is still single, at least those wild marriage rumors have been cleared up.

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