Ordinary Joe Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Needed To Know!

Do you ever question yourself what could have happened if you had made certain choices in life? If you went for your passion instead of doing what your parents wanted you to? If you fulfilled the dream, you wanted to fulfill? Maybe things could have been different. This is not the case with Joe. He lives all the three lives he has always wanted, and some factors in his life remain the same. Premiering on NBC on the 20th September 2021 is an American drama series created by Matt Reeves and Composed by James S. Levine. The story is based on “The Format” by Caleb Ranson. Does Amy finally get pregnant? Only one way to find out!

Ordinary Joe Season 1 Recap:

The story is about the choices and dreams people wish they followed but did not get the opportunity to. James Wolk’s life is told from three angles. One when he was the police, another when he was a musician, and another when a nurse. In all the occupations, he has been inspired by someone or something in life. When Joe becomes a nurse, he is married to Jenny. Another timeline is about his urge to be like his dad(a police officer); he saves the senator from being assassinated, making him rise in the ranks. The third timeline is Joe living his best life by fulfilling his passion, being a musician while married to Amy. Even with Joe exploring all the three occupations, his love life stays the same; not working out. When he marries Jenny, they break up, and Jenny gives Joe’s son for adoption. When he marries Amy, they try for a child, severally almost giving up.

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Release Date:

The accurate premiere date of the second season 2 is yet to be announced. We are not certain whether it has been renewed or not. If the series is renewed for the second season, we expect the release date to be in 2022 or 2023. This all depends on the preparedness of the development team and the production budget. A 6.7/10 rating on IMDb is a good sign that the show may be back for the second season. We can only hope until we receive the official communication from the streaming Channel, the producers, or the creators.

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Cast:

The renewal of the series will get most of the actors coming back to play their roles. The award-winning actor James Wolk (Joe Kimbreau) is the main protagonist of the story., Natalie Martinez because plays Amy is Joe’s wife. They try so hard to have children. Elizabeth Leil is Jenny, Joe’s ex-girlfriend. They get married when Joe is a doctor, but the marriage ends. Charlie Barnett is Eric Payne, Joes best friend. He marries Amy in the doctor’s timeline. When Joe is rostered is employed as one of the workers. David Warsofsky is Frank Kimbreau, Joe’s uncle, who takes care of him after the death of Joe’s father. Adam Rodrigues is Bobby Diaz, the politician who gets saved by Joe. The supporting cast also includes; Gabrielle Byndloss, Brandon Sutton, John Gluck, Curtis Edward.

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Trailer:

The season 2 trailer is not yet out. The trailer will be released once the season two production is complete. Nonetheless, season one and its trailer are on NBC. You could also watch similar shows like ordinary Joe while we wait for the release of season two. The series are; Cypher, Pretty Smart, Panic, The Good fight, Kevin Can Kill Himself.

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