Netflix’s New Movie’ A California Christmas’ Was Filmed on a Real-Life Ranch; Who are the cast members?

A California Christmas is a fairy tale romance and hallmark style drama that becomes a picture-perfect backdrop on this coming Christmas to give your ultimate comfort and relaxing experience.

Although Netflix comes out a ton of Christmas movies in 2020 that include The Christmas Chronicles, The princess switch, Operation Christmas Drop, and many more, this coming California Christmas is ranking on Netflix’s top 10 list of Christmas movies.

This upcoming movie features Lorynn York and Josh Swickard, as you can see on Netflix’s premiere on 10 September.

The upcoming movie is directed by Shaun Paul and pens down by Lauren Swickard. This movie adapts an up-and-coming story of a businessman who attempts to make a hard-working farmer (young woman) sell her farm so that we can secure his promotion to work his promotion. To gain the farmer’s trust, he smartly disguised himself as a farmhand in the farmer’s eye. However, this inbuilt relation becomes the reason to threaten his career. However, there is much more to discuss in the storyline of the upcoming movie.

This movie took place on the fictional Bernet Ranch, which fulfilled with idyllic weather, charming white farmhouses, and acres of rolling hills.

The whole good romantic drama was shooted in a scenic town, Petaluma in California. It was just located north of San Francisco. The producer of this movie, Ali Afshar’s own family, resides there, so they shot most of the scenes and various landmarks in the same area, including a historic hotel.
Now let’s take about more authentic about the star cast of the upcoming movie. You will get to watch the brilliant screen chemistry of Lauren Swickard and Josh Swickard.
The star is also happily married in real life.

The additional star cast of this Christmas movie is:

  • Amanda Detmer in the character of Wendy
  • Ali Afshar in the character of Leo
  • David Del Rio in the character of Manny
  • Gunnar Anderson in the character of Conner
  • Katelyn Epperly in the character of Liz

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