Moonbase 8 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates! 

It has been a few months since the release of Space Force. while some people liked the show, some people gave it a bad review as it didn’t live up to their expectations, and it will be the fate of any show which is compared with The Office, who is on a Godly level of comedy. Showtime is here to fill that void! A rumor is in the air that it is going to be everything that Space Force should have been. We know that fans were waiting for this show since the show’s name came up for the first time, and now they are very close to it. We have gathered all the information which is available on Moonbase 8 for you, so go ahead and give it a read.

Moonbase 8 Release Date :

A24 made it official on 24th April 2018, and fans have been waiting for an update on the show’s status since then. We have good news for you; filming of Moonbase 8 was complete before the pandemic, and it won’t take long to hit the screens of this content-hungry generation. The production team has worked hard and given its best to satisfy the audience. Even though a specific date is not finalized yet but it is confirmed that we will have Moonbase 8 by the fall. The content, themes, and everything about this show is fitting in today’s time, but the comedy it holds is timeless. 

Moonbase 8 Release Date

Moonbase 8 : who’s gonna make us laugh?

Embrace for all the laughter these three titans of comedy are about to hit you with. The show’s line up is enough to get you pumped up; get ready for Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, and John C. Reilly. These three are also the producers of the show, in addition to Jonathan Krisel and Dave Kneebone. A24 and Abso Lutely are the production companies that played a significant role. This show is about to result in an influx of subscribers for Showtime. This show looks like a five bagger.

Moonbase 8 Plot : 

A24 stated in April 2018 that it is thrilling to be a part of the pure comic genius that Moonbase 8 is. It is about the story of three astronauts who want to go to the Moon, it might not be a unique plot, but it becomes one when the astronauts have a hilarious personality that no other one would have! It is confirmed that the show will have six episodes, which will highlight the struggle and training of three subpar astronauts. All three are hoping to get the chance to go to the Moon. They live at Moon Base Simulator of NASA in Winslow, Arizona. The show will also show a phase of these astronauts’ lives when they feel like they might not be fit for space travel.  

Moonbase 8 Trailer : 

Showtime dropped a teaser on 12th September 2020, and the comment section is on fire with not even a single negative response from the audience. JFK’s legendary speech (We Chose to Go to the Moon) plays over the whole teaser. Fans are already anticipating a second season, do tell us your opinion on the matter in the comment section. You can watch the teaser below.

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