Losing Hope Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know!

People have different reactions to pain. Others take them just fine, others need time to heal, and others may be affected for as long as they live. Bringing to the mainstream is the Losing Hope series, a book about life and people’s daily pain. It touches on various topics ranging from sexuality, interracial dating, family issues, depression, and racism. All of the characters in the series go through something you will find relatable, one of the qualities that make the series a plus. The series highlights topics not frequently discussed, like a black Latino who is multiracial, homosexual, and later gets sexually assaulted. Despite losing themselves in situations that seem like there is no return, they are prepared to bounce back again.

Losing Hope Season 1 Release Date:

We are yet to be given an official date of when Losing Hope will be released, but so far, the creator has talked about a potential season two. Not only will we enjoy watching the first season, but we also don’t have to wait for an eternity in case the first season ends with a cliffhanger. So far, it is not known where the series will be streamed once it is available, but considering there are many streaming channel options, we will be updated in due time.

Losing Hope Season 1 Cast:

Daniel Derek, who acts as Gideon, the series protagonist, is a young, ambitious professional whose past life will make it hard for him to fall in love with Donni. He casts alongside Brianna Michelle (Kelly), Gideon’s best friend who believes in second chances, Blake Godden (Leo), The perfect best friend for Gideon. With a humored personality and a big heart, he is the friend you could ever wish for. Other casts include Pedro Figueroa as Donne. Donnie is Gideon’s love interest, but due to past experiences, the two find it very hard to love each other wholeheartedly.

Losing Hope Season 1 Plot:

After having a troubled past, Gideon, a black gay man, finds it hard enough to let his guard down but this ll changes when he meets Donnie. Donnie is not one of his usual loves inters, but since love knows no type, the type is on a self-discovery journey that will help them each other as a whole as they can.

When the creator was asked what inspired him to write the story, he did not even need to think twice before answering that it was heartbreak. Heartbreak is optimal, probably one of the things many people identify and relate to. Not only does heartbreak makes the series unique, but how it talks about bouncing back from situations that had you giving up.

Losing Hope Season 1 Trailer:

We do not have to wait for a century before we know what the series entails, as the trailer explores friendship, love, careers, and promotion. Gideon seems you are going through a lot, but this is made easier with the two supportive friends he has by his side. However, he cannot always face his issues with the two of them with him, and it reaches a point where he has to battle his fights alone. Be sure to check out the Losing Hope trailer on YouTube.

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