Hannah Ridgeway: TikTok Star, Age, Dating, Ex-Boyfriend, Net Worth!

TikTok star, model and live streamer Hannah Ridgeway are a prominent blonde American TikTok Star. Before becoming a TikTok celebrity, she shared contemporary photographs as an Instagram influencer. Over 4 million people have liked her Tik Tok videos, which she posted in various formats. 

At this moment, Hannah is a well-known star on TikTok, and many people look up to her as a role model for their professions. So, let’s look at Hannah’s career and personal finances.

Early Life of Hannah Ridgeway:

Full Real Name Hannah Ridgeway
Family Name Ridgeway
Profession TikTok Star
Date Of Birth June 28th, 1995
Age 27
Birthday June 28th
Year Of Birth 1995
Nick Name Hannah
Current Residence N/A
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
Religion N/A

Hannah Ridgeway was born in the United States on June 28th, 1995. Hannah’s upbringing is also unknown to us.

Hannah Ridgeway Education:

Highest Qualification N/A
University N/A
College N/A
High School N/A

There is no information on Hannah Ridgeway’s schooling available to the general public. However, we’re keeping an eye on things and will enhance Hannah’s schooling as soon as we learn more.

Hannah Ridgeway Family:

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brothers N/A
Sisters N/A
Grandfather N/A
Grandmother N/A
Relatives Name N/A

Hannah’s parents, siblings, and other loved ones have never been mentioned, Hannah. In addition, we’ll update this post on Hannah Ridgeway’s relatives so that readers can rely on the facts we provide.

Hannah Ridgeway Zodiac Sign:

Sun Sign Cancer
Star Sign Cancer
Birth Sign Duality Cancer
Birth Sign Modality Cancer

As of 2022, Hannah Ridgeway will have become 27 years old, born on June 28th, 1995. According to our findings, Hannah was born under the sign of Cancer.

Hannah Ridgeway Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg N/A
Weight In Lbs N/A
Height In Feet N/A
Height In Meter N/A
Measurement 33-27-34
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Shoe Size N/A
Tattoo N/A

Five-foot-eight-inch Hannah’s stature is corroborated by her official body measurements of 33-27-34. However, its exact weight of Hannah is now unavailable to the general public. As soon as new knowledge becomes available about Hannah Ridgeway, we’ll be sure to update this page.

Hannah Ridgeway’s Relationship Status:

Spouse Name N/A
Sons N/A
Daughters N/A
No Of Children N/A
Marital Status single
Partner Name FaZe Jarvis
Relationship Status In A Relationship

As far as Hannah’s personal life is concerned, many people are curious about her marital status. FaZe Jarvis, a fellow social media sensation, has been Hannah’s lover, according to our research.

FaZe Jarvis is a well-known YouTuber, but his girlfriend, model Hannah Ridgeway, is less prominent. It seems that Jarvis and Hannah have been dating since the beginning of 2021, based on Hannah’s first appearance on his channel, in which he introduced her as his new girlfriend. 

On the other hand, Jarvis released several videos in which he referred to Hannah as his crush even before dating. Fans of this pair have seen their love grow in real-time, from footage of a fart spray prank to a surprise massage to embarrassing questions and more.

There’s still a lot to discover about Hannah, but it’s quite evident that she supports her boyfriend’s professional endeavors. FaZe Jarvis has played video games since he was a child, and his growth as a player has surprised many. However, his “Fortnite” ban may have led him to choose a new professional path in boxing in recent months. 

In addition, he’s still uploading IRL videos to his YouTube channel, which is filled with fun and hilarity. Even though he’s had his share of ups and downs, he’s still quite popular and successful.

Hannah Ridgeway Career:

Hannah is one of Viktor’s most popular mainstream stars. About five years ago, Hannah began her professional career. She has over 230k followers and does a variety of TikTok movies lasting approximately a minute or two.

More than 4 million people have liked one or more of Hannah’s TikTok videos. We may deduce from her TikTok postings that she is seeing another TikTok celebrity called Sam pepper, another TikTok star.

Charlotte Parkes is one of the many other content developers she has worked with.

Hannah also has a Twitch channel where she broadcasts hour-long videos.

Hannah spends a lot of time on the internet. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are just a few places where she’s displayed her work. Her exquisite modeling photos are often featured on her Instagram, perhaps the most well-known platform for showcasing her work. 

Even though she’s experimented with a broad range of appearances, her characteristic pink hair has been constant for a time now. Irrespective of the outfit, Hannah always manages to exude class and refinement.

FaZe Jarvis and Hannah’s YouTube channel provides insight into their daily lives and their IG modeling career. There are other movies she’s made with him in which she reveals his direct messages and uses an eye tracker on him. She also competed in “Fortnite” for the opportunity to be his lady. 

Even when Jarvis and Ridgeway are making light of their relationship, Ridgeway isn’t afraid to join in on the fun. It doesn’t matter how little time Hannah spends online these days. Her material on social media sites such as Twitter and TikTok is always lighthearted and entertaining.

It was posted on Twitter in February of 2021 by the model and social media mogul with the comment “Yes or no” of a listing for 23 Britney dolls from the ’00s. Even though Hannah didn’t follow up on the purchase with her admirers, her devotion to Britney is undeniable.

And Hannah hasn’t only displayed her admiration for Britney in this way. Hannah had a blast at the Britney Spears Museum, as she documented on TikTok in January 2020. Britney Spears is a part of her life, and she demonstrates it in the video she posted. Iconic props and situations from “Toxic,” “Circus,” and many more Britney Spears famous songs were a big part of her childhood and adulthood.

Hannah Ridgeway and FaZe Jarvis’ Ex-Girlfriend get along well.

When it comes to your favorite person’s ex, you know how difficult it can be to get along. Hannah Ridgeway is out of the question. Even though Sommer Ray, Jarvis’s ex-girlfriend and social media celebrity, may make many people feel uneasy or envious, Hannah is not one. Genuinely, it seems that they’re rather friendly with each other.

Having been in many films with FaZe Jarvis, it’s safe to say that Hannah and Sommer like working together. FaZe-related trivia, a movie about FaZe’s ideal partner and a playfully dramatic showdown in which Hannah bakes a real cake to compete with Sommer’s so-called “cake” are all examples of how much fun the three stars have made light of their common history and relationship.

When you hear more about Hannah Ridgeway, you can see why FaZe Jarvis would be a great fit for her. More great material from the skilled model and social media sensation should be on the way if past performance is any indication.

Hannah Ridgeway Social Media Appearances:


Many people admire Hannah Ridgeway, a popular Mainstream Tiktor Star. The TikTok video-sharing app has made her a well-known internet star, with more than 230k followers. Also, on TikTok, she has a romantic involvement with another TikToker. With the username @hanridge, she has more than 36,000 followers on Instagram and more than 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Hannah Ridgeway’s Net Worth:

Net Worth $360,000
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income TikTok Star

To calculate Hannah Ridgeway’s net worth, you need to add up all her accumulated assets and debts. Everything from houses to autos to Hannah’s multiple bank accounts. In addition to Hannah, stocks and bonds all contribute to Hannah’s overall wealth.

You may have lately heard of the actress. The estimated net worth of Hannah Ridgeway is $360,000, and she has built a sizable fortune as a Mainstream Tiktor Star thanks to her great career. It doesn’t subject how you slice it; that’s a sizable amount considering Hannah’s age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hannah Ridgeway?

TikTok star, model and live streamer Hannah Ridgeway are a prominent blonde American TikTok Star. Before becoming a TikTok celebrity, she shared contemporary photographs as an Instagram influencer.

What is the height of Hannah Ridgeway?

Five-foot-eight-inch Hannah’s stature is corroborated by her official body measurements of 33-27-34.

Who is Hannah Ridgeway’s husband or wife?

FaZe Jarvis, a fellow social media sensation, has been Hannah’s lover, according to our research.

How much money does Hannah Ridgeway have?

In terms of money, it’s estimated that Hannah is worth $360K.

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