Good Bones Season 6 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Update!

If you are a fan of The Two Chicks with a Hammer, we have good news for you! Good Bones Season 6 is officially announced. Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine. These two ladies have been sparkling our eyes with their house flipping skills. This HGTV series is on top of the most-watched series on the streaming platform. Almost 4.3 million views on the content HGTV shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter signify its fame. Good Bones scored a rating of 7.4 on IMDB, which is pretty good. HGTV didn’t take any chances and already ordered 14 episodes of one hour each, even though the 5th season was still going on. Yeah! It indeed is a piece of good news for the fans. Now, let’s fill you up from what we’ve got.

Good Bones season 6 Release Date : When will it Air?

Due to the increasing popularity and solid feedback of season 5, aired from 9th June 2020 to 8th September 2020, HGTV took the initiative. As we already told you, HGTV demanded the commencement of production of season 6 on 27th August 2020. Two Chicks and a hammer took to Instagram and officially announced the sixth installment. The release’s exact date is unknown yet, but it is confirmed that we will get to see some renovations sometime in summer 2021 on HGTV.

Good Bones season 6 Plot : What’s it About?

The series is mainly about a mother and daughter duo who have decided to add some style to Indianapolis houses in Indiana, which is their city. We see them flipping those houses one at a time and changing their look from shabby to jaw-dropping. Karen and Mina buy a tumbledown property and then transform it entirely with a highly talented team. We saw that the 5th season highlights the question of Laine’s retirement. We also get an insight into their personal struggles together with their professional life. Season 6 could feature the challenges a second baby might come up with for Mina while continuing her profession.

Good Bones Season 6 Cast

Good Bones season 6 Cast : Who’s on board?

Karen E. Laine quit her job as a lawyer to open her company by the name Two Chicks and a Hammer. We are glad she did that because she loves doing it, and it also gives us a good time. Even though she retired in 2019, she will continue as a host on the show. Mina Starsiak Hawk will return to the show with her team. Ted Starsiak and Cory Miller as the project managers and the demolition crew. We might also get to see the new member of her family.

Good Bones Season 6 Plot

Good Bones Season 6 : The Untold Truth!

Indeed, we have a good time watching the show, but they don’t show certain secrets on the screen. These two ladies make the work look easy, but sometimes the tumbledown houses they buy are full of human and animal poop. Nasty!

Karen’s got a wild side. Once she said that people get surprised when she tells them about her tattoo. She’s got a tattoo that starts from the nape of her neck, covers her back, and it goes down till the back of her thighs. They used YouTube to learn how to do the stuff they do, and instead of being the daughter, Mina is the “mom,” which means she takes charge of work sometimes.

Good Bones season 6 Trailer : When Will We See It?

Sadly, no footage of season 6 is available at the moment. We expect to get the trailer about a month before the summer of 2021. However, here’s the trailer of the previous season. You can watch this to get a basic idea of the show.

You can watch other seasons of Good Bones on HGTV:

When we got the latest information regarding Good Bones Season 6, we will update here. Till then, Stay Tuned and Stay Safe!

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