Go-Big Show : TBS’s New Extreme Talent Show Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Many More Updates!

Most of us enjoy watching people with different talents with their backstory. Some folks doing crazy stuff, someone brokenhearted expressing their feelings by singing a song, a heartbroken dude making the viewers cry, you get the idea, there’s a lot to stick around for a talent show. Warner Media Networks is coming up with an extreme talent show, Go- Big Show, that will blow your mind with your favorite celebrities as judges. TBS’s general manager said that they are going for something bigger and bolder, which will not be scripted and aims to find talent and give the viewers a good time. The winner will get a whopping amount of $100,000, I cannot miss to watch who won that amount, and neither should you. Here are the details of the Go-Big Show. 

Go-Big Show Release Date : when can we watch it?

They are indeed handling it as something massive, and not even the COVID-19 is stopping them. Though it might have slowed down the production, nevertheless it has started in Georgia at Macon Coliseum. If you are wondering, why are they toying with their lives? Well, they need to stay up to the reputation of “extreme talent show,” and FYI, they are strictly following safety protocols while working, and so should you guys. There are 7000 seats in the arena, but they are gonna be empty, and it will be screened outside the venue, world’s first television drive-in viewers. Cody Rhodes announced that he is a part of never seen before kind of talent show. The show will premiere in 2021.  

Go Big Show Release Date

Go-Big Show : Is it gonna be good?

Let us tell you what it will include, and then you guys can decide how you like it? Keep in your mind and think! Monter trucks, alligators, stunt archery, you name it, and it has got it! The winner will get $100,000, which tells us it’s not gonna be a piece of cake. Go-Big Show not only promises exciting new talents but also depicts the innovative spirits.  

Go-Big Show : who’s judging it?

Judges are very important for a talent show’s success. Because of the more popular and talented they are, the more audience they will attract. And guess who we got- Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Nettles, Rosario Dawson, Elite wrestler, and Cody Rhodes. Bert Kreischer will sprinkle some comedy with his hosting. All the Snoop Dogg fans, which is a lot not to mention, will be waiting for every episode eagerly. This show is an excellent opportunity for Cody Rhodes as he is injured and cannot enter the ring. 

The show will be produced by Jay Peterson of Matador Content, Todd Lubin, Howard T. Owens, Greg Lipstone, and Ben Silverman. The showrunners are Conrad Green, Snoop Dogg, Kreischer, and Ted Chung. The head of unscripted shows for TBS, Corie Henson, said that this show highlights America’s untraditional, unique and unforgettable talent.

Go-Big Show : Do we have a teaser?

Yes, we do. @AEWonTNT tweeted a video giving us a pretty good idea about the show. The video starts with Cody Rhodes using the words “Go Big or Go Home.” Then we get to see the teaser packed with stunts and action. Monter trucks flying around and smashing stuff, people spinning in a wheel on fire, snakes, fire breathing, it all looks terrific. 

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