The Pragmatist: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Important Details!

Based on the short movie of the same name, The Pragmatist is an American action series bent on administering justice in society. The series has been nominated twice and won six Awards; Andromeda Film Festival, Art Film Awards, Assurdo Film Festival, IndieFEST Film Awards for 2021. The story’s plot portrays a vigilante who ensures that the end of his work justifies all the means used. The Pragmatist ways of serving justice are beyond compelling and will leave you yearning for more. Is the series out? We are about to find out.

The Pragmatist Release Date: When will it air?

The Pragmatist Release Date

The television series is yet to be released. A specific release date has not been communicated yet. Since the tv series is being spun, it needs at least a $16,000 budget for the production of the series to commence. Jeff Schubert is holding a campaign, and out of the targeted amount, there is only $1,080 left to wrap it up. The director Paul Basler is urging fans to help donate the remaining amount on Indiegogo. Those who cannot contribute could at least share the information with potential donors. Since the targeted amount is almost there, we expect the TV series to premiere in the coming year 2022, or maybe later in 2023. Fingers crossed.

The Pragmatist Storyline: What will happen next?

The Pragmatist Storyline

The series is inspired by TV shows where the vigilante does the work alone and maybe with help from friends; Nikita, Arrow, and Dexter. The vigilante, Jack Maxwell, is the hero who does not involve the police in his missions. He could be mistaken for a Zen master, considering the fighting skills he has. His soldiers are loyal allies who are always there when the need arises. When he gets successful in his missions, the CIA tries to recruit him to no avail. However, it doesn’t work out, considering the CIA has higher power and authority than he does. The series plot justifies the statement “the end justifies the means.” Doing anything or justice as long as it has the citizens’ interests at heart.

The Pragmatist Cast: Who will be appearing?

The Pragmatist Cast

The award-winning actor Jack Maxwell (Ugly Betty, Lost) plays as The Pragmatist”. He received an award at the Pan Pacific Fi Festival for being the Best Actor. Crista Flanagan, famous for her role in “The Resident,” plays Jessica. Adrielle Wilkinson (Warrior Princess, Angel, Charmed) plays the role of CIA Agent Hailey James. Jongjaroenlarp as Jeanine, Stephen Blackehart as Vladislav, Bella Leia as Nancy, Fatimah Taliah as Lidy, Lisa Mihelich as Cindy, Patrick McGeough as CIA Agent Barnes, Leon Brown as CIA Agent Roberts, Shamae Spencer as Yesenia, Al Rondon as the Crime Boss, Victoria De Mare as Call Girl, Emily Mathason as Coffee Shop Patron and Lisa Mihelich as Nancy.

The Pragmatist Trailer: When will it be out?

The teaser of the first season is already out. The one-minute teaser gives fans an idea of what they should expect once the series is out. David Ferrine, “The Pragmatist,” is shown doing what he does best; protecting the city. He’s aiming at a man and not missing his target indicates that he is about to do a clean job, ensuring the bad guys don’t get out alive. The trailer is on YouTube, and fans should check it out; we await the second season’s release.

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