Fruits of Thy Labor Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Storyline!

Peacock recently developed the Fruits of Thy Labor series to explore the African American dynasty and their way through life. They gave the award-winning Pose Lead actor Billy Porter (The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder) and Dan McCabe the mandate to develop the series for our screens, and this might be one of the best collaborations we are yet to see.

The duo is expected to executively produce the drama series alongside Sarah Schechter (Providence) and David Madden. This is the first time Porter will be venturing into the writing for the television world, and since his partner has written a couple of TV shows, we are sure they will do pretty well.

Fruits of Thy Labor Season 1 Release Date:

At the moment, Peacock is yet to give us the precise date for the series release, but since the announcement only came in a year ago, there might still be time. When the series release date is announced, we expect the creators to reveal both the series episodes, their run time, and the release schedules.

Fruits of Thy Labor Season 1 Cast:

The series creator has made no cast announcement, and we will have to be a little patient and hope that the series cast announcement will come in sooner enough. When Peacock gave out the series announcement, they announced that Billy Porter and Dane McCabe would be in charge of writing the series.

Porter is famous for starring as the lead actor in the Pose series, a 2018 drama with over three seasons and playing on Hulu. He has received two nominations for this role and eventually won an Emmy award in 2019. On the other hand, McCabe has written the Purists play, and they collaborated with Porter; hence, this won’t be the first time they will cooperate. The existing chemistry between the two might indicate that the series will be fire.

Fruits of Thy Labor Season 1 Plot:

According to Peacock’s logline during the series announcement, Fruits of Thy Labor is a drama that will follow three generations of an African American Family. The African American family dynasty will be shown navigating their lives through politics, love, and their careers. Like any other series with dynasties and family dramas plot, we expect the series to highlight the feuds and the rivalry deeply rooted in the family.

Other family members are usually more than ready to kill or betray the other family members to retain what they feel is rightfully theirs. We might expect a little bit of complete blown chaos, people succeeding or failing in their careers, love in the air, and the daily struggle of navigating life.

Fruits of Thy Labor Season 1 Trailer:

As of September 2022, the Fruits of Thy Labor trailer is yet to be released, and we are not sure when it will be released. The series announcement came out a year ago, and since it is still in development, we might see the series trailer either in 2023 or 2024.

Before the series premiere, there are a lot of other shows with the same plot that you could binge on. One such series you can watch is the Dynasty show, which now premieres on Netflix. The Royals and Greenleaf are also other shows you can binge on.

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