Expiration Date Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Information You Need To Know !

Will Forte (Clone High) is not an absolute stranger to the dark world of comedy. He played in the satanic series Extra Ordinary, a comedy horror series that premiered in 2019. His other Sitcom, the Last Man On Earth, also explored the story of a man whose home was nearly wiped out by the Virus that wiped every last sign of humanity.

He always seems to push the lines to appear funny, and so far, it is working. However, the series that got an order a while back on Peacock named the Expiration Date got quite the ridicule from fans. Peacock announced in 2021 that they would be developing one of Will Forte’s series dubbed the Expiration Date, and netizens have not held back in calling the series irresponsible. The following is all the information about the “reckless” show.

Expiration Date Season 1 Release Date:

Since Peacock announced the series in 2021, it has not touched on when it will be released, how many episodes it will have, or the series casting. With the controversies that the series got at the time of its release, it is possible that we may not see the series premiere anytime soon. Mental health advocates have argued that the series premiere will do more harm to the mentally sick as it will make fun of a grave situation that has been fought for so long.

Inseparable Finder Bill Smith also argued that the series has a very wild and callous concept and glamorizing suicide is contagious and might take the mental health community several steps backward. With all this said, we are not so sure whether the series will be premiering anytime soon.

Expiration Date Season 1 Plot:

The plot of the Expiration Date series will follow the life of Robin, a man knee-deep buried in grief. Amidst his dismay, he finds that there is life insurance that covers suicide. The policy, however, has a term, and Robin must live one more year if the family benefits from the insurance cover.

Contented with the fact that his family will receive a payout once he is no more, Robin plans how he will spend his last 365 days on Earth. Considering the earlier works of Forte, he is likely to push the buttons, and the mental health advocates do not want that. That might be why this series might never premiere until he finds a less sensitive topic to make a comedy of.

Expiration Date Season 1 Cast:

The series cast will include Will Forte, who will be playing Robin; the distraught suicidal victim who realizes that his family will benefit from his suicide life cover. He will also be the series executive producer alongside Jack Williams and Harry. Another casting announcement is yet to be made, but if the series passes the bar and appeals to the mental health community, Peacock will give us the series cast announcement in no time.

Expiration Date Season 1 Trailer:

The dark comedy trailer is yet to be released by Peacock, and it’s over a year since they went silent on the series’ development. We might expect an announcement soon, but the most accurate timeline of the series trailer premiere should be in 2023. As mentioned earlier, you may watch Forte’s work as we wait for the series trailer.

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