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Ethan Klein is a popular comedian and YouTuber known as the owner of ‘H3h3Productions’ YouTube channel. His YouTube content includes reaction videos and sketch comedy in which the Internet world is satirized. A separate podcast channel is operated by him and his wife too.

He shares videos alongside his wife, featuring humor and responses and the satirical culture of the internet. He graduated from the California University and was part of Omnia Media Network in 2016. As of 2022, Ethan Klein’s Net Worth is estimated to be roughly $20 Million.

Ethan Klein Early and Personal Life:

Full Real Name Ethan Klein
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth July 24th, 1985
Age 37 Years Old
Birthday July 24th
Year Of Birth 1985
Nationality American-Israeli
Ethnicity White
Religion Jewish

Ethan Edward Klein was born to a Jewish Ashkenazi family on June 24, 1985, in Ventura, California.

Ethan Klein Education:

Highest Qualification English Literature Bachelor\\\’s Degree
University University of California
High School Buena High School

Gary and Donna Klein are his guardians while he attends Buena High School. From 2004 to 2009, Ethan studied in Santa Cruz at the University of California and completed his English Literature bachelor’s degree.

Leonard Katzman, the show running man of the soap opera Dallas, was his father’s grandfather. He has worked in Israel as a publicity manager.

Ethan Klein Love Life:

Spouse Name Hila Klein
Sons Theodore, Bruce
Marital Status married

In 2007, Hila Klein met Ethan Klein. The pair married on October 12, 2012, after being several years together. The couple lived in Israel in the Florentine district of Tel Aviv in the channel’s early years. In April 2015, Kleins relocated to the US, first to Los Angeles, then, in September 2015, New York, and then in August 2016, back to Los Angeles. They’re Jews who are secular. They have a single son together whom they named Theodore Yokanan because Hila wanted him to be named so that his family could pronounce it quickly, both in Hebrew and English.

Ethan Klein Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 78 kg
Weight In Lbs 171 lbs
Height In Feet 5 feet 10 inches
Height In Meter 1.78 m
Hair Color Salt & Pepper
Eye Color Dark Brown

Ethan Klein Signs:

Sun Sign Cancer
Star Sign Cancer

Ethan Klein Family:

Father Gary Klein
Mother Donna Klein
Sisters Trisha Paytas

Ethan Klein Career:

In 2011, The Kleins began their career in YouTube and created the ‘h3h3Productions.’ Their videos involve reactions and comedy videos. Kleins offers a critical structure in reaction videos. These are video clips from a source, combined with narration and absurd sketches, presented as a cross between the Tim & Eric comedy duo’s work and the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 television series. In 2016, after winning a Hot 97 contest, their YouTube channel received much exposure. The host of the mixtape “No Ceilings 3”, DJ Khaled visited Klein and showed him his videos of comedy.

The Kleins published a short documentary on ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,’ which includes real-world currency trading skins. The channel criticized several YouTubers for wanting to draw young people to their websites. The H3 Podcast was recorded in 2017. In the same year, the couple raised over $200,000 to direct relief contributions in Houston after Hurricane Harvey and Alex Hirsch(Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast), Justin Roiland(Solar Opposites Season 3 creator), Dana Terrace, and Joey Salads.

Some of the widest videos ‘h3h3Productions’ include ‘The Vape Nation,’ ‘Kissing Pranks,’ ‘The Honest Gold Digger,’ ‘Buzzfeed Hate Men,’ and ‘Instagram versus Reality.’ Ethan Klein has a higher rating on Wikifeet, a popular website that allows users to score famous people’s feet. He has endured the number one spot since March 2020 after the post of the “OJ Simpson Blocked Ethan Klein After Getting Roasted On Twitter – H3 Podcast #181.

Main Source of Income: YouTube:

Net Worth $20 Million
Source Of Income YouTuber
  • Channels: h3h3Productions,  H3 Podcast (highlights), Ethan and Hila
  • Years active: 2011–present
  • Genre: Comedy, satire, reaction


  • 6.43 million (h3h3Productions)
  • 2.11 million (Ethan and Hila)
  • 2.23 million (H3 Podcast)
  • 1.53 million (H3 Podcast Highlights)

Total views:

  • 1.498 billion (h3h3Productions)
  • 297 million (Ethan and Hila)
  • 366 million (H3 Podcast)
  • 655 million (H3 Podcast Highlights)

Other Source of Income of Ethan Klein:

H3H3 Merchandise

Ethan and Hila are selling goods on their website for all genders. They also appear in a character pack for Payday 2 titled “h3h3 Character Pack”. Although the character pack appeared briefly as an April Fools joke, the actual release was confirmed later. The pack sales profits are donated directly to the Kleins, helping them with their legal fees.

Hila Klein founded her own “Teddy Fresh” clothes company in 2017. It mainly featured colorful sweatshirts, socks, and beanies. After the partnership with the Ripndip brand, their apparel line made its way to the Zumiez shops. The couple has created a Ball Rider game app. It is available on the App Store and Google Play Store and was launched in September 2018.

In May 2020, Ethan was discarded as a guarantor for Old Spice because of Ethan’s resurfaced footage saying derogatory slurs in a 2017 interview.

Real Estate:

In 2019, the pair, formerly based in San Fernando Valley, rang up a massive $9 million for a big and unquestionably spacious manor in Bel Air.

The Kleins estate lies in a 24/7 guarded community, the same enclave that Rupert Murdoch, a Media Billionaire, owns in a 28 million dollar winery estate just a couple of steps from the YouTuber’s residence. And their current house is also just across the street from NBA legend Jerry West’s long-term home.

And in addition to their current nine-million-dollar home, records showed Kleins already own a $2.3 million house from the contemporary Encino last year. They also continue to own a perfectly ordinary residence in Woodland Hills, Calif. that was acquired in 2017 for $780,000.


Here are the top highlights of Ethan Klein’s career:

  • 6.51 Million Subscribers (2020)
  • Vape Nation (YouTube Video, 27million views, 2016)
  • Kissing Pranks (YouTube Video, 15million, 2015)

Favorite Quotes From Ethan Klein

“Shout out to republicans who keep catching Covid, getting gravely ill, getting stem cells shot into their necks, and miraculously recovering. A cure they oppose research on & only have access to because of connections to the president. And it costs 150k. Cheers to them.” – Ethan Klein

“And yes, we can make payment for it there is forever money in the banana stand aka increase my taxes I don’t give a fuck; I just need western democracy for succeeding.” – Ethan Klein.

“As someone who struggled hard to pay off my student debt, I’d be extremely proud to remove the debt of others because the stability and well-being of our nation far outweigh any brief tinge of resentment or jealousy. We all benefit from a reliable, stable, debtless country.” – Ethan Klein.

“99% of everyone recognizes that every vote should be counted – recounted – reviewed – do whatever it needs so we can all just receive the results and push on.” : Ethan Klein.

2 Life Lessons From Ethan Klein

Now that you acknowledge all concerning Ethan Klein’s net worth and how he accomplished success; let’s take a glance at some of the most immeasurable tutorings that we can learn from him:

1. Have Fun

Life is a great adventure, and you can get anywhere you want if you have Fun.

2. Learn From Failures

Life lessons don’t come from achievements. It comes from failures.

Ethan Klein Social Media Handles:



Ethan Klein is one of the best and highest-paid YouTube creators of ‘h3h3Productions’. His YouTube channel is on the stage, and it has OVER 6 million subscribers. In 2022, Ethan Klein’s net worth is approximately estimated to be roughly $20 million.

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