What’s New on Disney Plus in November 2022 !

As we head into the holiday season, Disney+ has many exciting additions to its library. The streaming service will add several intriguing new documentary series and the long-awaited Willow sequel series, among other notable shows and films, including MCU and SW projects. Here are the top 10 original Disney Plus series from November 2022. So, everything will be available on Disney Plus in November 2022.

10. World’s Deadliest 

Director:Peter Jackson
Cast:Jeremy Davidson, Henri Douvry
Released Date:23 November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Animals with lethal instincts are the subject of “World’s Deadliest,” a documentary series. It starts with a discussion of the various weapons that predators have developed over time, from claws and teeth to chemicals and sonic power. On October 1, 2010, it debuted on NatGeo Wild.

9. Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Director:Kat Coiro
Cast:Kevin Feige, Brad Winderbaum, Andy Park
Released Date:November 3, 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:91%

Disney has announced that on Thursday, November 3, 2022, a brand new edition of “Assembled” will debut on Disney+, providing an inside look at the production of the “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” series. For those interested in teaching more about the making of Marvel Studios’ exciting new shows and theatrical releases, there is a documentary series called “Assembled” available on Disney+. The next level of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is explored in-depth in Assembled. 

8. Game of Sharks

Genre:TV Special
Director:Yu Hang Ying
Cast:Mina Kimes
Released Date:18th November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

It’s time for the most significant shark matchups in ocean history to take place in the grand finale of the ultimate species competition. Ten intense contests will determine which shark is the best in the ocean. The great white shark is favored, but can it win a 100-meter race against the shorter shortfin mako? That, or try to out-leap a thresher shark. Have they tested it against the whale shark’s appetite? The underdog may win the swim-off.

7. Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

Director:Sally Aitken
Cast:Chris Hemsworth
Released Date:16th November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

In the documentary Limitless, Chris Hemsworth teams up with renowned experts and submits himself to six complex challenges to discover the keys to eternal youth. There will be six episodes in total, and each will focus on a different challenge that the actor must overcome with the help of these professionals. The trailer does an excellent job of showing both the breathtaking natural scenery and the dangerous stunts Hemsworth will be attempting.

6. Atlas of Cursed Places

Director:Bengt Anderson
Cast:Divine Prince Ty Emmecca, Kerry Lee Albright, Sam Sheridan
Released Date:16th November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Sam Sheridan, author, and adventurer of Atlas of Cursed Places searches the world for the most haunted locations. Sam immerses himself in the macabre contemporary culture of the area, uncovering its mysterious past and fascinating folklore in the process. In the pilot episode, Sam travels to West Virginia to investigate the Mothman myth. Still, his plans quickly go awry when he discovers a web of disasters and shady dealings in the state’s political arena. Locals in Louisiana attribute recent hurricanes and the state’s high crime rate to a curse put in place a century ago by hoodoo priestess Aunt Julia Brown.

5. Andor Season Finale (Episode 12)

Genre:Action, Drama, Adventure
Director:Tony Gilroy
Cast:Diego Luna, Stellan Skarsgård, Genevieve O’Reilly
Released Date:2nd November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:95%

Andor, or Star Wars: Andor, is a Tony Gilroy-created American science fiction action series on Disney+. The show takes place before the events of the Star Wars prequel film Rogue One (2016). In addition, the series chronicles the first five years in the life of thief-turned-Rebel-spy Cassian Andor.

The series begins its narrative arc five years before the events of Rogue One (2016). It follows a diverse cast of characters as they organize the Rebel Alliance to oppose the Galactic Empire. In this group is the former thief turned revolutionary Cassian Andor, who eventually joins the Rebel Alliance.

4. Daddies On Request

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Musical
Director:Javier Colinas
Cast:Jorge Blanco, Michael Ronda, Lalo Brito
Released Date:23rd November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

BTF Media and the Walt Disney Company collaborate on Daddies on Request, a Mexican comedy-drama series for kids and teens that airs online exclusively. Created by BTF Media and distributed by the Walt Disney Company, the show is a Mexican comedy-drama aimed at preteens and teens. As of the 13th of July, 2022, the first season’s premiere was available on Disney+ in Latin America.

3. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers 

Genre:Sport, Comedy, Drama
Director:Steven Brill
Cast:Lauren Graham, Brady Noon, Maxwell Simkins
Released Date:23rd November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:87%

The 1992 Steve Brill film The Mighty Ducks is the basis for the American sports comedy-drama series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. The series is manufactured by ABC Signature and is a sequel to the film created by Brill, Josh Goldsmith, and Cathy Yuspa for Disney+. When 12-year-old Evan is cut from the elite Mighty Ducks junior hockey team, his mother encourages him to start a new underdog team with the help of the Ducks’ original coach, Gordon Bombay.

2. The Santa Clauses (“Chapter Four”)

Genre:Kids family
Director:Jack Burditt
Cast:Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Allen-Dick
Released Date:14th November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Based on the popular film franchise, Disney+ is developing a holiday-themed comedy series, The Santa Clauses. It is a continuation of The Santa Clause trilogy, featuring series regulars Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Lloyd, and David Krumholtz. Jack Burditt has been tapped for the dual roles of showrunner and executive producer.

1. Willow (2022)

Director:Jonathan Kasdan
Cast:Warwick Davis, Erin Kellyman, Ellie Bamber
Released Date:30th November 2022
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

The upcoming American fantasy adventure series Willow is both inspired by and acts as a sequel to the film of the same name from 1988. The release date on Disney+ is set for November 30th, 2022. Disney announced the May 2022 release date for the “Willow” sequel via a teaser trailer, which was shown at the Star Wars Celebration. The teaser trailer suggests the “Willow” series will debut on Disney+ on November 30, 2022.

In this article, you will find a rundown of the best TV shows and movies accessible to you in November 2022. A subscription to Disney Plus Originals grants access to all of them.

November 1

  • Willow (2022)

November 2

  • Airport Security (S1, S2, S3)
  • Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (S2)
  • Critter Fixers: Country Vets (S4)
  • Dino Ranch (S2, six episodes)
  • Locked Up Abroad
  • To Catch a Smuggler
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society
  • Donna Hay Christmas
  • Andor (Episode 9)
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t (Episode 3)

November 3

  • Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

November 4

  • The Gift
  • Shortsgiving
  • Director by Night
  • Marvel Studios Legends
  • Ocean’s Breath
  • Saving Notre Dame

November 7

  • Dancing with the Stars

November 9

  • Breakthrough (S1, S2)
  • Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Showdown (S1)
  • The Lion Ranger (S1)
  • World’s Deadliest (S3)
  • The Montaner’s 
  • Save Our Squad with David Beckham
  • Andor 
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers 
  • The Tatami Time Machine Blues
  • Zootopia+ (Shorts)
  • The Mysterious Benedict SocietyThe Tatami Time Machine Blues
  • Zootopia+ (Shorts)
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (Episode 4)

November 11

  • Eyewitness: D-Day
  • Fire of Love
  • Mary Poppins Returns (Sing-Along Version)
  • Port Security: Hamburg
  • Sea of Shadows

November 14

  • Dancing with the Stars 

November 16

  • Atlas of Cursed Places (S1)
  • World’s Deadliest Snakes (S1)
  • Limitless with Chris Hemsworth 
  • Ice Road Rescue (S6)
  • Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Party Palace Pals
  • Ultimate Survival WWII (S1)
  • The Santa Clauses
  • Andor (Episode 11)
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers 
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (Ep 205)
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (Episode 5)

November 18

  • Genoa Bridge Disaster
  • Me & Mickey 
  • Game of Sharks
  • Best in Snow
  • Disenchanted
  • Mickey Mousekersize (S1)
  • Virus Hunters
  • Mickey: The Story of a Mouse
  • The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse

November 20

  • Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium

November 21

  • Dancing with the Stars Finale (Ep 11)

November 23

  • Egypt with the World’s Greatest Explorer (S1)
  • Last of the Giants: Wild Fish (S1)
  • Puppy Dog Pals (S5, two episodes)
  • The Villains of Valley View (S1, four episodes)
  • Witness to Disaster (S1)
  • Daddies On Request
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers 
  • World’s Deadliest: Jaws and Sins (S1)
  • Andor Season Finale (Episode 12)
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society 
  • The Santa Clauses
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (Episode 6)

November 25

  • Heroes of the Sky
  • Life and Death in Paradise
  • The Hip Hop Nutcracker

November 28

  • Mickey Saves Christmas

November 30

  • Buried Secrets of WWII (S1)
  • Firebirds (S1, three episodes)
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends (S2, four episodes)
  • The Witch Doctor Will See You Now
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (Ep 207)
  • Willow Premiere
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (Ep 210)
  • The Santa Clauses (“Chapter 4”)
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (Episode 7)


We have compiled a comprehensive schedule of all the new episodes of your favorite shows on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Hulu that will be available in November 2022 on our website. Although it may appear that not many new Disney Plus additions will be made in October 2022, that is likely to change as the month progresses. In addition, for the next 30 days, this post will be updated daily with the latest news and announcements.

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