Digman Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And All The Other Updates!

Andy Samberg has been some of the household names in comedy, and we cannot deny that he deserves the title and popularity that comes with it. He is famous for hosting the Saturday Night Live show, and now CBS has a new series for him to delve into. CBS recently announced that Samberg would be featured in the upcoming Digman series. Samberg is voicing the main character in the forthcoming series while serving as both the writer and the show’s producer.

Digman Season 1 Release Date:

So far, we do not have a set release date for the series, considering that the show was only announced this September. With the casting out already, we can tell that the show will not take long to develop and might be released sooner than anticipated. Since the series will also be featuring some of the studded actors from the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there are concerns that the show schedule will collide with their ongoing projects. Therefore the series might take time before it is released. 2023 might be the perfect release date for the drama series.

Digman Season 1 Plot:

Andy Samberg recently revealed the plot of the upcoming series, and his joint statement with Campbell stated that the series is an honest view of archaeology as a career. The series will tell archaeology as it is, not the extraordinary bad-ass adventure-filled job as Hollywood has always revealed.

From his speech, it is clear that the writer aims to correct the myths and stereotypes we have felt over the years. He also wants to show the world that archaeology is not only fun and seeking the best puzzles, but Archaeologies work hard to be the best in their careers.

Digman Season 1 Cast:

Apart from Neil Campbell, Melissa Fumero, and Andy Samberg, Digman will feature a vast list of talents you do not want to miss. Tim Meadows, a former “Saturday Night Live anchor,” will be premiering alongside Tim Robinson, Dales Soules, Guz Khan, and Mitra Jiyuhari will also be present. Fumero has played in several series, and her most famous role remains Amy Santiago in the Brooklyn-Nine Nine series.

She is also known for her other positions in the One Life to Live and Gossip Girls series. Meadows has also appeared in several other shows, including a guest role in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series. Tim Robinson is currently the head of the “I Think You Should Leave” comedy series Campbell has also acted in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series, Mitra Jouhari in Three Busy Debars, and Soules as Frieda Berlin in “Orange is the new Black.”

Digman Season 1 Trailer:

The trailer for the upcoming animated series is yet to be released, and we are not sure when we will receive the Digman Trailer. The series casting was announced in early September, meaning the development is in motion. If that is the case, we might get a trailer before the year ends.

Before we get the series trailer, there is much animated archaeology series that you may want to check out. Tad, the Lost Explorer, is on top of the list, telling the story of Tad, a construction guy turned archaeologist. You can watch the series on VUDU or Roku.

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