‘Legion’ Actor Dan Stevens Replaces Armie Hammer In Julia Roberts-starrer And Watergate drama ‘Gaslit’!

In the upcoming Starz series, Dan Stevens joined Julia Roberts‘ cast ‘Gaslit’ and replaced Armie Hammer. In ‘Gaslit,’ he joins previously announced cast members, Roberts and Sean Penn, who tell the story of the Watergate scandal is going to perform as the protagonist and celebrity of Arkansan socialite Martha Mitchell, who, despite her affiliation with the president, through her husband, Attorney General John Mitchell, who will play Penn, was one of the first to make the public alarm about the involvement of Nixon in the Watergate.

Dan is the young White House Counsel described as a hotshot upstart, torn between his ambition and his struggle to protect the president. In the past, Hammer had been designated as Dan, but later on, he announced that he was no longer included in the project in February. ‘Gaslit’ is based on the prize-winning ‘Slow Burn’ slate podcast. Stevens has previously starred with other TV credits, including ‘High Maintenance’ and ‘Kipo and the Age of the wondrous bones in the hit British drama series ‘Downton Abbey’ and in FX-Marvel series Legion.’

On the front of the film, he recently performed in ‘I Am your Man’ and had previously been shown in one of Disney’s title roles as ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ live-action restoration. In the film “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” he also appears. Hammer’s career began to implode as the actor became subject of a social media controversy after screenshots showing an actor describing rape and cannibal fantasies online.

Since the scandal, Hammer has been charged with emotional abuse, manipulation, abuse, and, more recently, several women’s violation. Armie Hammer, the actor in Hollywood, then dropped another movie in the context of rape. Hammer’s career began to stumble in January after screenshots showing the actor describing sexual imagery with rape and cannibalism online became the subject of a social media controversy.

Due to several women’s allegations, Hammer also bowed out from the drama series Paramount+ on the making of The Godfather, ‘The Offer.’ In the romantic comedy he starred opposite Jennifer Lopez, ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ he was replaced by Transformers actor Josh Duhamel. Hammer’s agency, WME, and personal publicist have also been dropped.

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