20 Cute Anime Boys You Definitely Crushed On !

If you love to watch cute anime characters, then this is the right place for you. Anime boys are so cute, and we all have liked one of them at some point of time in our lives. No matter where you live, chances are, you have seen at least one anime show or movie. This list includes the most popular Cute Anime Boys we all know and love from our favourite Anime series

These boys have stolen the hearts of millions of girls around the world. Just take a look at these cute Anime guys, and you will see what we mean. This is an article that focuses on 20 Cute Anime Boys You Crushed On. It has an extra cuteness that can fascinate anyone. This article also has pics of 20 cute anime boys that will make you fall for him.

So, let’s round on such 20 Cute Anime Boys You Crushed On!        

20. Yashiro Isana From K Project

Yashiro Isana

Yashiro Isana is one of our favourite cute anime guys from the K Project series. He’s thin, with white hair, short and messy, and eyes of amber color. He wears the school uniform after an unofficial enrolment at Ashinaka High School. It is a long-sleeved white shirt with a ribbon and a jacket with a high neckline. With its lovely stylish parasol, he wanders like an invulnerable lost soul. He’s an open-minded laid back man. In addition, he is both charismatic and smart. He is kawaii innocently. His personality has that smooth edge. He’s like a happy, cheeky teenager and being the cutest anime boy that you have crushed on. 

19. Shino Inuzuka From Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun                                                              

Shino Inuzuka

Our next cute anime boy is Shino from Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun series. With his green-gold eyes, he has short purple ruffled hair. His main attraction includes knee-high black boots, black cargo pants for three quarters, and a t-shirt. On his upper right arm, he bears a peony birthmark. It is tough not to be interested in him with these delicate features. His emotional bursts often hit him. He’s world-famous and ignorant. Though he’s afraid of insects, he’s a keen lover of nature and is often afraid of Sosuke. His beautiful features make him even more attractive. 

18. Natsume Hyuuga From Gakuen Alice                    

Moving on to another cutest anime boy on this list is Natsume Hyuga from the Gakuen Alice series. He has small, raven black hair and brown eyes (red in the manga). He has Alice limiting devices on his ears. Simultaneously with that, he has a mask that he sometimes wears to reduce it more. He wears the official uniform for elementary students, consisting of a black long-sleeved vest, red plaid shorts, and knee-high boots. For Mikan, he’s Moe. Even if scandalous, raw, and sarcastic, he’s certainly an inspiration.

In comparison to others, he is quite strong for his age. Who will not melt when he is possessive or protecting Mikan for his cute antics. So, you tell, isn’t he cute enough??

17. Yukine From Noragami


Yukine is another anime male that you may have a crush on from Noragami anime. His hair is blond, and his reddish-orange eye is sparkling. He is a short, chaotic teenager with hair. Normally he wears modern-day clothes for teenagers.

In addition, as his trade name, he usually has a cap. When he teased about his height, he’s pretty sensitive. He’s also had several emotional explosions. He’s also like a moody adolescent who is all sassy, cynical. He’s susceptible to insecurity and jealousy as a teenager. Its cute look and beat full of energy antics are easy to charm. As a teenage child, we can quite connect with him. So we would like him to appear on this cutest list of anime boys.

16. Zazie Winters From Tegami Bachi                      

Zazie Winters

Our next adorable anime crush is Zazie Winters from Tegami Bachi. His fur is black; also, his eyes are brunette. Moreover, he is like a cat, with slits. He wears his backward cap in standard letter bee uniform. Under his cap, a tuft of hair sticks out. It is far shorter, except for Lag than other characters. He looked feline, his dogs being sharper and more sticky. He may act like he doesn’t care at first glance, but the more you watch him, the more you love his character. He’s the kind of person, short and bitchy. In addition, he is rude, sarcastic, and upset. He’s also depicted as a jerk and a badass. 

15. Kou Tanaka From Ao Haru Ride               

Kou Tanaka

Kou Tanaka from Ao Haru Ride is a young man with sharp brown eyes and fluffy, black hair. He’s anaemic and loses weight. A reason for you to crush on this cute anime boy. He was more outgoing and kind when he was younger. However, his personality changed due to the circumstances. He was thus rude and sarcastic. He still is generally a kind person with his harsh and pessimistic views. He’s a cutie with a hidden character in general. His lovely face covered by bangs lands him easily on the slimmest list of anime boys.

14. Shou Kurusu From Uta – no Prince Sama

Shou Kurusu

Shou from the Uta series is our next cute anime boy with blond hair. He is nice and short. His marques are painted with black nails and red hairpins. In addition, he always slays a hat to make him look slightly taller. He’s a kind of easy, YOLO, timid, and kind man. In addition, with a lot of energy, he is upbeat.

It’s just a happy, lively, hot-headed, eccentric one, wrapped in human form in childlike cuteness. His look and personality is just smooth man with an adorable level of murder. No one can be attached to his fashionista and positive vibes. In so many ways, he is only one of the slimmest anime boys.

13. Mikaela Hyakuya From Owari no Seraph   

Mikaela Hyakuya

Mikaela Hyakuya from Owari no Seraph is also one of the cutest anime boys on this list. He has short blond hair that grows after he becomes a vampire. He appears to be an alien alongside his hair and blue eyes. His eyes turn red when he drinks human blood. He’s wearing the standard vampire clothes.

He was friendly and had a beautiful character as a human. He is ready to do whatever to help his friends survive. He is only made cuter by his passion, sympathy, and arrogant features. However, the charming point is his billions of dollars smiles. The human-vampire produces the cutest anime boys.

12. Yoichi Saotome From Owari no Seraph              

Yoichi Saotome

Another cute anime boy is from Owari no Seraph, Yoichi. He gives a good competition to Mikaela, as we listed above. Well, Yoichi has dark green eyes with medium length and brown hair. He wore a standard JIDA uniform (a good reason to crush on him) consisting of a black long-sleeved coat and uniform pants.

Moreover, he is optimistic and kind, and he’s a sweet person. He’s shy, sweet personality is of a sort, and you want to cover it in a blanket and hide it. Say no more, and it’s all that a cute anime boy needs to be.

11. Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka From Ouran High School Host Club                                              

Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka

Mitsukuni, as people know him as Honey from Ouran High School Host Club anime, is one of the cutest anime boys on this list. He is very short, with a boyish face. He’s got short, sweet hair. He usually wears the uniform of his school. USA-Chan, his stuffed bunny on his side is usually seen.

His childlike and nice face attracts everyone. He likes cute stuff along with his sweet tooth. He is innocent in life but extremely clever and intelligent. He is a very good host with his kindness, compassion, and sensitivity. His baby face enables him to attract everyone besides these characteristics. He is deserving of mention in the cutest list of anime boys.

10. Luca Nogi From Gakuen Alice

Luca Nogi

Our next cute anime guy is Luca Nogi from Gakuen Alice. He has blond hair, half Franciscan, and light blue eyes, partly in the middle. The uniform is a black jacket and a red-bowed white collar. He is usually qualified for sweet Blondie with middle part hair and mixed blood. He carries around a rabbit, only adding to his cuteness, with a soft and gentle soul and an Alice animal.

Luca is quite a charismatic gentleman, pleasant, silent, shy and polite, even chivalric in charm. But he is pretty soft and shy, with low self-esteem. Nevertheless, he is loyal, caring, and self-sacrificing, despite this. Whenever a girl comes close to him, he seems like a super cute anime boy. 

9. Nagisa Hazuki From Free!                     

Nagisa Hazuki

Nagisa from the Free anime series is our next crush. He has wavy, dark-blonde hair on average with coloured magenta eyes. His school uniform is usually worn. It is made up of light brown pants, a white shirt, blazer, black and neck shoes. He is happy and unobtrusive.

In addition, he is highly opinionated, and usually, his mind speaks. Sometimes he’s often infantile. However, he easily captured the audience’s hearts with his enthusiastic and revolting personality. He is undoubtedly one of the most liked characters in Free with his infantile manners and lack of inhibitions. 

8. Ilyusha Krat From 07 ghosts                                   

If you still have not watched 07 ghost anime, we must first recommend you to watch it once. It is a way to adore our next cute anime male Ilyusha Krat. He has a sleepy look due to his eyes, a boyish and young face. It’s dark purple. His hair is pale violet and wavy, chaotic with a border just above his eyes.

His Bishop’s attire is a dark blue cassock, and his face is covered with a veil. He’s like a gentle, sweet angel who’s more about gardening and medicinal plants. In his world, he looks pretty passive. In his solemn way, he is one of the sleekest anime boys. The heart can’t stop saying, ‘what a cute and cute sweetheart.’

7. Tetsuya Kuroko From Kuroko no Basuke                

Tetsuya Kuroko

Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basuke is a basketball player. He’s small. Instead, with matching blue eyes, he has light blue hair. Our cute anime guy’s face is unusually blank, and his expressions are limited. His traditional costume is a Seirin jersey that, during matches, is white, black, and red.

When he’s not playing, he wears his school uniform. Kuroko has a deadpan and direct personality. He doesn’t express a lot of emotions along with that. When he gets angry, anger is most prominent. He’s dedicated and hardworking. His cuteness is often shown in the presence of animals, such as with- Tetsuya#2. 

6. Keiichi Shimizu From La Corda d’Oro

Keiichi Shimizu

Ready for our next cute anime boy? He is Keiichi Shimizu from La Corda d’Oro with a bit of a long blonde with blue eyes and curly blonde hair. He often saw the school uniform wearing. But he changes to formal wear during the competition. He is a prodigy of the cello and all of them sleepy bishonen. He’s a guy in his musical world.

Moreover, he’s only eating, sleeping, waking up, playing the cello, and repeating. With a dazzling look, he had a passive figure. What’s more, his blond curly hair and adorable cute face are not to swoon over. Look at the tired eyes, we mean. It’s like a lovely puppy. And he’ll be charming you to heaven and back when he smiles.

5. Hinata Shoyo From Haikyuu                                         

Hinata Shoyo

Hinata is another cute anime boy that you will adore when you watch Haikyuu. He has orange hair and brown eyes. Hinata is thin and short stature and often makes a mistake with a junior high school student. He wears a blue navy jersey and the respective shorts while playing matches. With an energetic personality, he is loving and cheerful. When it comes to volleyball, he’s a cute goofball with a serious personality. His character makes it easy for him to make friends. He is happy and a ray of sunshine most of the time, together with his Goofy character. This makes him a very narrow anime boy in particular. His personality improves only his cuteness.

4. Tadase Hotori From Shugo Chara      

Our next cute anime boy, Tadase, has short blond hair. His eyes are a red-violet blend, making it look mahogany. He is wearing the Seiyo Academy standard uniform. He is not a typical cute anime boy. Instead, he has a split character that makes him quite fascinating. His usual character is a sweet, timid, self-confident boy. However, he claims to have confidence in others—the usual representation of a good character. However, many girls love him and look for him. There’s no denial. Even in the first episode of Shugo Chara, he receives many proposals. He’s very sweet and can’t directly reject any girl. 

3. Nai Muhinyi From Karneval                                           

Our next cute anime boy is Nai from Karneval anime. Nai is a little thin guy whose face is round, his eyes are big, and he has pale traits. His white hair is short, with two spikes in his back. Moreover, two of his hair spikes are lavender from the top of his hair. His personality is seemingly quite confused, shy, and restrained. But in his actions, he can be courageous. He is a lovely, innocent, and animal-like character. He only oozes out from him this pureness. He’s pretty lively, loyal, and pitiful. You can’t just refuse to pet your hair and play with him, too. He is like an adorable child who has to be cared for. 

2. Momiji Sohma From Fruit Basket

Momiji Sohma

Momiji is our top second cutest anime guy that you will crush on if you watch Fruit Basket anime. Momiji has blonde hair. Which he respectively inherited from his mother and dad. He’s a Japanese-German. He usually wears children’s clothes, lacy and rude. He’s usually seen wearing them together with his school uniform. He’s bubbling, happy and fun always. He does not show off, although he comes from a wealthy family. He can easily make friends, and for his cute look, many girls fall. 

1. Lag Seeing From Letter Bee or Tegami Bachi

Lag Seeing

So, our cutest anime boy of all time is Lag Seeing from Letter Bee or Tegami Bachi. Lag is short and twinkling. He’s got white ghost hair on top. He has a purple iris for one eye, interestingly. But the left eye is red amber-spirited with a spiritual insect. His left eye usually has his hair covered. He is wearing a uniform letter bee.

Lag is a cute anime-ideal kid—an attractive, friendly, formal, gentle, and kind man. He cries a lot and can be referred to as a crybaby. However, his figure is so delightful as a lovely teddy. It makes us want him lovingly to smother him with a golden heart. It’s like a lovely, charming cuteness ball. His entire behaviour and his appearance only shout at the cuteness.


So, this is all about the cutest anime boys of all time that you crushed on. It’s hard to pick a few as there are so many of them. But we’ve chosen the above according to our preference of cute boys who steal your heart and also those who make it melt. These cute fellows make you fall in love with their charming personality, Cute expressions, playful antics, and reliable as well as pure hearts. They are cute in their unique way.

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