Chaos Walking: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Details That You Must Know!

Lionsgate is now ready to release the scientific fiction movie based on Patrick Ness’s novel series of the same name. Lionsgate secured the rights for the book adaptation since 2011. The announcement of movie production was made in 2016, and since then, it has been highly anticipated. Thought to rival and compared in acceptance to movies such as Twilight series, The Hunger Games, and Divergent series. The book series is a trilogy that dwells on activities in a fictional world; it has won numerous awards for child fiction, including the 2008 Guardian award and Costa Children’s Book Award. Despite a previous release date of March 2019, the release was moved forward to cater for major reshoots.

Chaos Walking Release Date: When will it air?

Chaos Walking started filming in mid-2017, and filming ended by the year-end. However, in April of 2018, it was announced that some reshoots would be done on the movie. And the release date of the movie shifted. Finally, all corrections have been resolved, and Lionsgate has set January 2021 as the movie’s release date.

Chaos Walking Plot: What will happen?

As earlier mentioned, the movie will be based on Patrick Ness’s Trilogy’s first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go written in 2008. The novel espouses the story of Todd Hewitt; Todd grew as an only boy in a men-only society. All members of this society have been infected with a kind of disease called Noise. This ‘Noise’ eliminated the all-female population and made the remainder people hear all others’ thoughts and the thoughts of animals. As Todd grows, he believes some things are not right and runs away from the city. With his dog with, he comes across a girl whose thoughts he couldn’t read her mind. They join forces together and search for the true history of their world, all the while escaping assault from Todd’s colony.

Chaos Walking Cast: Who will be in it?

Cast information that has been released includes:

  • Actor Tom Holland would lead, having the starring role of Todd Hewitt. 
  • Actress Daisy Ridley would star as Viola Eade, the female protagonist for Chaos Walking.
  • Mads Mikkelsen plays the evil David Prentiss, the mayor of Prentiss town.
  • Nick Jonas stars as the mayor’s son 
  • David Oyelowo plays the role of a priest in Prentiss town.
  • Demián Bichir and Kurt Sutter star as Todd’s parents.
  • Óscar Jaenada plays the role of drifter Wilf.

Chaos Walking Trailer: When can we watch it?

Trailer of Chaos Walking movies launched, and it can be viewed here:

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