Candy Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast and More Updates!

If you thought that Jessica was the only star who would be playing the most notorious role of Candy in the upcoming Hulu show, then you are wrong. Eliza Olsen, famous for playing a widow in the series Sorry for Your Loss, will also be playing a role in the upcoming HBO series “Love and Death,” still focusing on Betty Gore’s Murderer. So, what does the series Candy entail? True crime stories always awaken the detective side in you, but it also leaves us with the question; can you trust everybody in your life or, under the right circumstances, anybody is a killer? Elisabeth Moss (Handmaid’s Tale), who has been dubbed “Queen of Peak TV,” just landed a drama with Netflix exploring the events before and after the murder of Bety Montgomery.

Candy Season 1 Release Date: When will it come?

If you’re a series lover and also participate in Celebrating the national Lost Sock Day, then the series release date comes as a good day for you. Hulu recently announced that the series would premiere at the five-night event on the 9th of May. Robin Veith, the three-time Emmy nominee, wrote the script of the Candy series, a reason enough to get you in the appetite of watching what will ensue once the series is out. The miniseries is set to have five episodes, and all we can wish for is a longer run time, perfect to digest the gory murders fully. The series premieres from 9th May to May 13th, quite a chilling detail considering that is when the actual murder took place.

Candy Season 1 Cast: Who will appear?

Jessica Biel, who replaced Elizabeth Moss, plays Candy Montogomery, the series protagonist who murders her friend Betty Gore (Yellowjackets star- Melanie Lynskey). Other casts include Sharon Conley as Sandra, Dash McCloud as Jason Montgomery, Antonella Rose portraying Christina Gore, Rusell Thomas playing Jeffrey Locket, Bruce McKinnon as Jerry, Annie Cook as Pomeroy (Mrs.) and Jesse Gallegos as Robert Udashen.

Candy Season 1 Plot: What will happen?

Candy is based on real-life stories and the event that led to the killing of Betty Gore, a woman murdered by her friend Candy Montgomery. The show will delve into details of the events that led to the death of Betty while also highlighting what would have led Candy to murder her in cold blood, an ax to the head. The series’ official synopsis was out, and it described Candy as the perfect housewife, a mother of two who has both a lovely family and a nice house, but when she is faced with the pressure to conform, she loses it. The original story has it that Betty started the fight, but Candy came out victorious.

Candy Season 1 Trailer: When will it be out?

If you found the plot of the series intriguing, you are about to fall in love with the trailer. The newly released trailer starts quite calmly, with visuals, music and a peek of Candy’s life which seems desirable. Soon enough, the series shifts abruptly, music becomes fast-paced, and Candy is seen defending her stance on not killing Betty in the courtroom. The vague answers she answers in court make you question; why would anyone murder a friend as brutally as she did?

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