Fashion Kings BTS Declared As The Newest Louis Vuitton Global Brand Ambassadors !

BTS was named Louis Vuitton’s House ambassadors shortly after its unexpected collaboration with McDonald’s. The announcement comes following the band led by HYBE that wore red carpet designs from the fashion brand. The K-pop stars are now ambassadors of the French luxury house after the custom Louis-Vuitton suits for the Grammy Awards 2021. The latest ambassadors in this House are the seven South Korean band members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The fashion brand says that the partnership was formed after BTS and Louis-artistic Vuitton’s director Virgil Abloh shared their creative ideas and views.

On Thursday, as Louis Vuitton’s latest house ambassadors, the pop superstars were officially presented. Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, Jin, Suga, and Jimin will be part of the new partnership with several special projects and fitted in LV in future shows and events. Louis Vuitton called BTS “one of the most important and influential groups in the world” in a new press release that announced that “BTS’ omnipresent popularity can be found all around the world, and Louis Vuitton is pleased to share the news on its new role in the House.”

The fashion brand also tweeted the ad with a new picture of the sports pastel-style LV looks. The tweet calls them “Pop icons” and acknowledged their “extensive messages that influence them positively. I’m very happy today that BTS joins Louis Vuitton. I look forward to this wonderful partnership, which brings together luxury, contemporary culture, and a modern chapter in this House. I can’t wait to bestow all the very exciting projects in which we are working,’ said in a press release Virgil Abloh. “The fact that Louis Vuitton is a really exciting time for us to become global brand ambassadors,” added BTS. In addition to its cooperation with companies like Samsung and Hyundai Motors, this is the first global fashion deal for BTS. 

With the increase in K-pop, Korean musicians became their brand ambassadors by more luxury fashion houses. Rose’s team-up with Tiffany & Co. and Jisoo for Dior have notable announcements in recent months.

Besides their charts, BTS has also rapidly developed into a powerful mode force, with Reddit’s entire threads and Instagram-style accounts. The guys were no stranger to high fashion. Even they were equipped in Gucci to make their “Dynamite” video and have everything from Dior to St. Lawrence sporadically. They teamed up officially with a fashion house for the first time. The group appeared last winter in a global campaign on FILA’s ‘Project 7’ collection, with a new temporary Tattoo line with Inkbox and continued collaboration with Samsung, BTS-fired phones, and earbuds. 

Further, Stay tuned for Louis Vuitton’s upcoming campaigns and projects with BTS.

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