Brian Wilson and Al Jardine Speak Out Against Mike Love’s Beach Boys Playing Trump Fundraiser in Orange County!

As the elections are approaching, we are getting to see more and more controversies coming under the spotlight. Recently, there was a huge discussion on NBC’s decision to schedule Donald Trump’s town hall at the same time ABC scheduled a town hall for Joe Biden. Many celebrities raised their voice and asked people to boycott the Trump town hall. We can also note that it was a hot topic in this week’s Saturday Night Live. Now, fans started to complain about Beach Boys supporting Trump and performing a Trump fundraiser. However, the truth is that the band members have a lot of differences in their political views!

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine: don’t have any connection with the fundraiser!

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine recently released an official statement disavowing the performance, which supported Donald Trump. Wilson’s cousin and the band’s original vocalist, Mike Love, led the President Trump fundraiser’s performance in Newport Beach. Wilson and Jardine made it clear before receiving any major criticism as NBC did; they said they have absolutely nothing to do with Trump’s fundraiser, ZERO! It turns out that they didn’t even know about the performance until they read it in Los Angeles Time, and undoubtedly, they were surprised.

Boycott of the touring Beach Boys!

Mike Love has a card in his pocket, which he is continuously using; he owns the license to use the name (Beach Boys) for touring purposes. This is not the first time Al Jardine and Brian Wilson have spoken against Love utilizing the band’s name for his actions. When the Beach Boys were slated to perform at Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada, Donald Trump Jr. Was present there as the keynote speaker. Also, the organization was highly criticized for killing animals for sport. A petition was launched to boycott the organization; the petition included the pledge to stop listening to Beach Boys music, not going to the concerts, not purchasing Beach Boys merchandise, and more. Brian and Al were in support of the petition, and they stated that they could not do anything by themselves, and asked for the help of fans to sign the petition.

Donald Trump falling behind

It is clear that Trump has been continuously falling behind to Joe Biden in both fundraising and the polls. Trump came to the California coast, hoping to raise some funds in the campaign’s final weeks. We are not 100% sure how it will go, but the Los Angeles Times was the first to report the event. The starting price of the tickets is $2,800.

Love supports Trump!

Mike Love has never backed down to support and say some good words about President Donald Trump. Love also performed at Trump’s inaugural ball that took place in January 2017; when he was asked about his views about the president, he didn’t notice anything negative about the president. He acknowledged that many people badmouth Trump, but according to him, Donald Trump is a very kind person. He added that after knowing Trump for one year, Love confidently said that chips would fall where they may, but Trump has been nice to them.

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