Kate Winslet shares her underwater behind the scene still from ” Avatar 2 Set”!

As announced by Disney networks, Avatar 2 will be going to hit the theatres on 16 December 2022. After the success of Avatar 1, now the fans are eagerly anticipating its second sequel.

This sequel has featured Kate Winslet, who again United with James Cameron after Titanic’s shoot in 1997. After a long time, they unite and spend together a lot of time underwater. A picture was recently shared behind the scene from the set of Avatar 2 on the official Twitter handle of the Avatar franchise. The posted tweet depicted Kate Winslet inside a large water tank along with James Cameron.

Under the creation of James Cameron, Avatar’s first sequel has over the budget of $250 million as distributed by 20th-century studios. And Kate Winslet is playing the role of a free dive of Matkayina having Ronal’s name in the coming sequel.

She has been working for the first time for such a performance, and actually, she was so pleased for James Cameron to make her learn freediving for this movie. Kate Winslet was featured in Avatar 2 as Na’vi named Ronal, a member of the Metkayina Clan on Pandora. However, in the sequel, She marked with excellent performance for the first time in Avatar.

Still, it is not crystal clear why she is holding that sheet over her hands, but it will be so curious for the fans of this series to reveal whether she has wings or is there any other Moto behind this. Even the other young characters of children who are almost seven years old are also participating in those free driving classes.

This Oscar-winning actress highlights her recent pictures from Avatar set and is viral all over social media. That increased the curiosity for the audience for its second sequel for the fantastic shoot. As stated by the actress, she learns free dive so well, and the most prolonged breath of seven minutes and fourteen seconds has been held under the water.

This image from Avatar set results from modern exceptional effect visuals with the stunning efforts of both James Cameron and Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet. She is such a performer who did her best in every character. She also stated that she will be featured in three sequels also as everyone is still praising her role in Avatar 2, teaming up with James Cameron.

Its continuous shooting is featured in New Zealand, which was the first country that conquered the Global pandemic of covid-19. However, James Cameron had officially announced that its first sequel was almost finished in late September. But for this iconic movie, you still have to wait for two years more as Avatar 2 will be released in December 2022.

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