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Dubai is the second largest of seven UAE and also it has the biggest population over 2.1 million inhabitants. It’s mainly attracts for tourist based on shopping, Entertainment and also Morden attractions but at the same time they never fail to follow their culture. Tourist should obey some Muslim culture even they are not Muslim themselves. Dubai wants to impress more to the tourist as a dreamy world of attraction place and surprises of luxuries.so that they create something inconceivable create in the tourist attractions, shopping centres, landmarks, nightlife and hotels and also its strictly safeguards its traditional practices. Here the top list attraction places in Dubai.


Dubai is home by having best beaches in the UAE.


It is the one of the most popular beaches in Dubai which was got Blue Flag Certification award in international Standrads.This Beach Park is very entertaining picnic place for family offering dessert garden, children’s playground, cafes, sports facility and Round the clock safeguard service. This beach park is now closed for renovation due to Dubai canal Project and will be reopen fully at the end of 2016.



This Beach park is also very large which includes huge expenses of grassed picnic areas, swimming pools, kids play areas, barbecue, lagoons,an amphitheatre and food spots. This beach can be reached from many entrance and aslo gates are specified for individuals and cars. This beach also got award for blue flag certification for adhering to strict international standards.



This is originally Public Beach in Dubai and formally known as Russian Beach because its popularity among the Russian tourist and it’s situated Past Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Pam Strip Mal.In this Beach along with the sunbathers and Swimers you can also see a lot of pedestrians, roller skaters and cyclist and this beach gets crowed during the weekdays.


And also there is so many beaches for visitors called Umm Suqeim Beach, Kite Beach, Black Palace Beach, Royal Island Beach club.


There are numerous parks and wildlife areas dotted around the city with full of entertainment for visitors.


It’s a Dubai’s biggest piece of land and first national Parkin UAE. No one can expect that Dubai has dedicated this national park. Its encompasses 250 sq. km of shifting dunes, Sprinkles with fire bush, endemic ghaf trees and stunted acacia and its serves a threatened local mammal and reptile species such as Sand Gazelle, Arabian mountain Gazelle, Oryx, Arabian red fox and sand fox. We can visit this park only by tour operators who arrange for 4*4 and Camel-back tours of the area and there is also luxuries hotels for staying.



Its families full entertainment and fun park and here a wide range of water attraction including Surf hills, Wave runners, Speed Slides and Caribbean cruise. Families are allowed only on Thursday and only ladies allowed on Wednesday. And it’s closed on Sunday.



It’s actually 12 acres of desert filled with 30 million litres of water which is dedicated for full of enjoyment oriented and this will be the shelter for those who are want to escape from the heat of desert in Dubai.so the tourist can be enjoyed with full of fun and enjoy in the water.


And also there is so many entertainments places for visitors called Aqua venture, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai Creek Park, and Magic Planet.



It is also be called Downtown Burj Dubai and it has several of city’s key landmark sites including Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. It covers 2 sq Km area and has 100000 population in this place.



It’s full of innovative and the hard works are given the outstanding result as seen in the Palm Islands in Dubai. It’s shaped to resemble as a palm tree and its trilogy defines everyday luxuries living in Dubai. Stay good and feel better in this place of palm tree. This man made islands were constructed to accommodate ever growing tourist place in Dubai



It’s the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is a very popular place for tourist who wants to get the wonderful experience, the amazing panoramic view of the Dubai city skyline from 124th floor ‘Observation Deck’. Presently Burj Khalifa is a top list for the tallest skyscraper in the world at a height of 2,717 ft. In this tower is full of elite hotels, shopping centres, Residences and offices.


And also there is  so many entertainment places in Dubai called Dubai Marina, Deira Clock tower, Burj Al Arab, Al Bastakiya and Dubai Fountain.so Tourist can be enjoy more whenever visiting Dubai.












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