Black Summer Season 2 : Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Should Know!

Black Summer is a fictional thriller drama set against a Zombie Apocalypse backdrop. The first season aired on Netflix last year, and the second season is eagerly awaited. Fiction and fantasy rule the action world in Black Summer.

This Original Zombie Apocalypse Series debuted on Netflix in April 2019 and ran through its eight episodes, gathering a roaring fan base along the way. With streaks of science fiction, drama, and a generous splash of fantasy in its storyline, Black Summer was created by John Hyams and Karl Schaefer. Jodi Binstock and Asylum Production Company produce the web series. Black Summer garners vast fan followings, and its second season has raised anticipation levels high. The speculative air around the show’s Season 2 story-setting is rife with raging excitement levels and tall questions. This Zombie Catastrophe show is shot in numerous locations around Calgary and Alberta in scenic Canada. The story emerges around the drama of emotions running high, as a mother is separated from her daughter, and how she works to reunite with her child.

Is there going to be a third season of Black Summer?

The second season premiered on Netflix in June, and we’re already looking forward to season three.

Unfortunately, there is no news at this time, however, given that the show ended on two massive cliffhangers, a third season seems almost certain.

Netflix hasn’t yet formally confirmed Black Summer for a third season, which is disappointing given how season two ends, with Sun flying into the sunset with a Korean-speaking pilot and Rose pinned down on the airstrip in a Mexican stand-off.

Black Summer Season 2 Release Date : When Can We Expect it?

There is some summery news, people! Black Summer, the thrilling Zombie show with its enviable fan base, was renewed by Netflix in November 2019 for eight episodes in its second season! Season 2 was set to release sometime in 2020. However, the corona pandemic interrupted shooting work, and now, we can expect filming to resume in September. The release of Season 2 on Netflix is therefore pushed back to the June 17, 2021.

Black Summer Season 2 Cast : Who will be returning to the show?

The stars will be back! For Black Summer fans, one of the big things to look forward to in Season 2 is that the series is slated to present its principal cast members again. So we will have Jaimy King, who portrays Rose, Justin Chu Cary, who plays Julius James, Sal Velez Jr, who plays William Velez, Kelsey Flower playing Lance, and Christina Lee, who brings Kyungsun to life in this series. Also playing Barbara Watson is Walsh; Edison Morales plays Manny, and Erika Hau is Carmen. Apart from the main cast members who would continue to reprise their roles, other actors have also been added to Black Summer’s much-awaited Season 2.

Black Summer Season 2 Plot Prediction

Black Summer Season 2 Plot

Picking up the threads, there was Valez, who has been put out of the picture having been killed by Rose. Then there is one of the rare happy moments when Rose reuniting with her daughter seems imminent. But a tidal wave of zombies was also in the mention! Whether this would be shown to viewers or whether it would merely be a mention, it is a situation fraught with tension. Clubbing this big information with Lance’s disappearance from the scene as he flees a zombie attack, perhaps Season 2 would be a refugee theme.
There sure is a thrill in the air around Black Summer’s upcoming Season 2!

Is there any Season 2 Trailer for Black Summer?

Considering that this series’s production is completed, there is a trailer out of Season 2. However, we have added the season 2 trailer. So, you can watch the trailer to the very second installment below.

We will update the latest news and information related to Black Summer Season 3 here. Till then, stay tuned with us!

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