Be Mine Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot Prediction, Trailer And Other Latest Updates !

Imagine worlds where the feminine race would be endangered just by making calls to guys on a board game, cheesy, right? CBS is teaming up with John Bellina and Lauren Miller to take us to the fantasy world through the upcoming series Be Mine.

The series was announced in 2021, and Bellina is charged with adapting the sequel to our screens. The series will explore the story of four females who discover a board game. A little liquor and the desire to examine might be the beginning of a mistake they will live to regret

Be Mine Season 1 Release Date:

After reading the series plot, it is only average for you to want to see the show as soon as possible. I mean, hunk on the loose for ending women sounds like an exciting plot. Unfortunately, we do not have any news on when we will see women frantically escaping from being devoured. CBS is yet to give an update, leaving us in the dark, wondering whether the series will be released.

 Be Mine Season 1 Plot:

The Be Mine Series explores a quartet of female freshmen. The four women discover one of the oldest Ouija boards and do not have second thoughts about it. The board game is made of all the feminine allures and attractive colors; a pink oversized and tacky phone and hulky men that most women would find appealing.

Thrilled and impressed, the four women drunkenly play the board game, including calling the hunk men on the boards. Unknown to them, they unleash the hunks to the real world, and soon enough, they discover that the guys they drooled for might be the start of women going extinct. The series will explore the aftermath of the hunks being released, the fight that will be put against them, and if they will succeed in ending womankind.

Be Mine Season 1 Cast:

The series is written by John Bellina, famous for writing the Izombie series. He is expected to produce the series alongside Lauren Miller Rogen executively. The two will be joined by another producer, Jennifer Ray (Lylas Pictures). Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey, Adam Fischbach (Temple Hill), and Julie Waters.

Be Mine Series casting is yet to be made, and so far, we do not know how long it might take before we get the series casting. All there is to know is that the series casting will include the four freshmen female students who will pioneer a ghast attack of the supernatural. The series will also have the male characters set aside by the females, whose main aim is to kill womankind slowly.

Be Mine Season 1 Trailer:

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have any news regarding the Be Mine series, and we are not sure when CBS will be releasing the anticipated sequel. Since it is barely a year since CBS announced the Be Mine series, the time frame is not that threatening, and we might receive a trailer anytime from now. Since nobody knows when the trailer will be released, we have a list of shows that might keep you updated. One such series with the same plot is Light as a Feather, a show premiering on Hulu. You do not need a Hulu subscription as the exhibit is eligible for a Free trial.

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