BASTARD: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Other Latest Updates!

What do you look for in your names? Do you love heavy metal, a lot of skin, and an evil hot guy, but just because he is aesthetically pleasing, he can get away with all the people’s lives he ruins? If yes, the  BASTARD: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy is the series for you. The show is based on a manga and the first season premiered earlier on Netflix. Here is everything we know about the second season.

BASTARD: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

Unfortunately, Netflix is yet to reveal the exact date that we should expect to watch BASTARD Season 2, but at least the producer has confirmed that the show will be coming soon and will consist of fifteen episodes. A perfect release date is in the summer of 2023.

 BASTARD: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 Plot: What should we expect?

 The series plot focuses on the four Kings who plan to rule the world, and day and night, they look for more sinister ways to make the population worship them. One of the Armies, the Dark Rebel, also plans to resurrect Anthrasax, the god of destruction, to help them in their quest to make the world there’s. Since Tia Noto Yoko is between a rock and a hard place, she is forced to resurrect the ancient wizard who also once plotted to end the entire world. It is not an easy decision as the wizard is sealed with Lucien Renren, her childhood best friend. Producer Tsuruoka revealed that the upcoming season would provide more detail on what became of Schneider and Kall-Su.

Season 1 Review:

According to Decider, the BASTARD: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season is a good series as it is highly intriguing and has a good plot. Its main casts are also insanely talented. If you love a lot of metal and violence, then the show is right for you.

BASTARD: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

 The series cast features some of the most established voice actors, like Kyle McCarley, who voices Dark Schneider, the series villain. The voice actor is also known for voicing other projects, including 9S, Alm, and Mob. Other voice actors in the series are Erin Yvette ho voices Tia Noto. This girl promises to save Lucien with everything she has. Aaron LaPlante, who voices Ninja Master Gara, Wendee Nee, who voices Arshes Nei, Anne Yatco, who voices Lucien Renlen. Ray Chase voices Abigail, Alejandro voices Kall-Su, Reba Buhr as Sheila Tuel, and DC Douglas as Geo Noto Soto. We do not know the actors that will be coming back for the second season, but we are certain that the main cast will be reprising their roles.

BASTARD: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2 Trailer: When can we expect?

A trailer for the BASTARD, Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2, has already been released, and you can check out the series trailer on YouTube. The series trailer starts with a woman saying that the Dark Schneider’s seal was never broken and that even if she is the last person standing, she will fight like her life depends on it. The series trailer ends with her promising to save and protect Lucien as long as she lives. We are still determining how soon the show’s second season will be coming on Netflix, but if you did not watch the show’s first season, then this is the time.

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