American Gods Ricky Whittle and Yetide Badaki Tease the Orisha’s Role in the Game-Changing Season Finale !

It’s time to watch the gods grieving after the dramatic events of the previous episode. During the preliminary episode, American Gods returned to the source material with Yetide Badaki in Orisha’s Role. Shadow eventually figured out what was happening at Lakeside and found out that someone in the city had sacrificed children almost every December.

The homicides and disappearances are brought to an end. It also means, though, that the city’s good fortune ends. The good fortune was that it was not bad, so it’s sad for all the innocent people there.

Laura was on her mission to kill Odin while that happened. Was she successful? Oh, yeah, and we pick up stuff at Season 3 Finale American Gods.

The American Gods will air their 3rd season finale on coming Sunday, and it’s safe to say a lot is in question. American gods improved, helping fans get through the tumultuous second season this year. We don’t remember the last time we cared about American Gods secondary characters, but season 3 turned it around for us.

Since the episode ended last week, the 3rd season finale has much to cover, and, more importantly, does the Shadow (Ricky Whittle) future have much to tell as human… or god? Ricky Whittle himself suggested that the finale of the most epic season is for him,” he said. “Fans will only want more because we want more.”

Charles Eglee stated, “Wow, have I written when I read the final season. My mind blew. I could not spoil it. I could not spoil it. I don’t want to ruin it. I don’t want to spoil that. These are crazy. This is insane. I think, however, that fans are angry because it is so great, and this is a cliché: it’s just going to let them want more because the story doesn’t turn this page. It’s such an upheaval way to end a thing.

Hopefully, that means that we’re going to be furious and not mad after the season-3 of The American Gods!

What can we anticipate from the season 3 final of American Gods?

Shadow’s life is on the verge of changing enormously by the death of Odin/Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). We always wondered through the series whether Shadow is a God or just a person imbued with skills that he doesn’t want to use. It was a whirlwind trip to get to his core, but I believe we will get our answer at the end, based on the promo for the end.

The way Whittle speaks, the show will go even further than Neil Gaiman’s book. “It’s like, “You’re getting the book ending, ‘Oh, come on!’ When it’s like, ‘you can’t…! It’s Empire Strikes Back. Where’s the Jedi Return? When is this happening?’ This is the time. It is so well written. It’s a real return, and this season I’m so proud of it. I think the season is still the toughest.” The 3rd Final of Season American Gods, “Tears of the Bearing Tree,” will be on Starz this Sunday!

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 Date: Sunday, March 14
 Start Time: 8/7c
 TV Channel: STARZ 

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