Agent King: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Updates You Should Know!

Whoever said Animation is only for kids is missing out. Over time animation has evolved and gotten more violent than the mild PG-rated cartoon there was. Netflix airs lots Of Animated adult content such as Masters Of The Air, Blonde Masters, among others. Brilliant of all is the soon to be aired, Agent King. Elvis Presley must be turning in his grave with satisfaction as the dream he longed to live his whole life has finally been fulfilled. Agent King is an animated series specifically for adults inspired by Elvis Presley’s desire to be a hero while fighting crime and injustice. Created by John Eddie and Priscilla, Agent King is expected to be a hit. 

Agent King Release Date: When will it be released?

Fans received the news in 2019 about the production of Adult King. After waiting close to two years, anticipation is fading among fans as days keep coming and going.No official communication has been made about the release of this awaited series, much to the fans’ disappointment. Just in case you’ve been wondering who Elvis Presley is, he was a famous singer in the 1950″s. Falling in Love” is one of the most famous songs that Elvis Presley sang beautifully. You would be surprised how he aced all the highs and the lows in the song. We could only attribute the series not being released yet to the covid pandemic, which disrupted many production activities. 

Agent King Cast: Who will appear?

Communication about the cast that the series will feature in this movie is also a grey area. The most prominent character that will be present in the show is Elvis Presley. The show’s creators will act as the executive producers of these shows. The consultant cum writer Jerry Schilling will most definitely take part in this project. The producer’s team will also include Marc Rosen, Corey Salter, Mike Arnold, and John Varvatos(consultant and producer), who will also act as the designer for Elvis. Fletcher Moules will be in charge of supervising while acting as an executive producer.

Agent King Plot: What can we expect?

From the communication Netflix has on this awaited series, Elvis is portrayed as a spy. From when he lived, he always dreamed of saving his country, a chance that he is given in this series. He is given a task that will see him protect his country. A jet pack is there to aid him in landing safely. He not only saves the country but keeps on serving his legendary music as “The King. “Not much is known about the plot, but the little they have revealed portrays the movie as interesting, worth renewing your Netflix subscription.

Agent King Storyline: What is its story based on?

There is music, and there is good music; know the difference. Elvis Presley made good music. Just from the muse, The story revolves around the central star who is Elvis Presley. He is adventurous, always going out on a different adventure. The song comes out on the week dedicated to celebrating the legendary music Elvis made. Just like the fans he had, he is wild and likes to make memories.

Agent King Trailer: When can we watch?

Agent King’s trailers and teasers haven’t been released yet, but Netflix has some good animated adult comedy that you could binge-watch. The recommended adult animations are Hops, Big Mouth, Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, and Final Space. Some good shows to take you closer to Agent King’s release.

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