Young Wallander Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates!

Netflix’s prequel TV show, Young Wallander, just finished airing the first season, released in September 2020. The reception for the series was both good and bad. The show is a prequel to the popular Swedish crime-fighting TV and movie series, having the titular detective. It is based on a novel series by the late Henning Mankell, who assented to the show’s making before his demise. His novel series Kurt Wallander has been adapted into various movie productions. This series intends to unfold to the viewers how the great Kurt Wallander was formed, his experiences, challenges, and brilliance while young that formed the man. I believe the show is doing justice to this take. Hopefully, it gets renewed real soon.

Young Wallander Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

The streaming service Netflix has not renewed the TV show for a second season. However, fans need not be disturbed because Netflix usually takes its time to investigate viewing numbers before making any renewal decisions. Because of the backlog of shows, fans may have to wait till the ending of this year or early next year before a decision can be communicated.

Seeing the TV show has many future possibilities since the series is set at the beginning of Wallander’s career. The hope for renewal is very high.

Young Wallander Season 2 Plot: What will happen next?

In the first season containing six episodes, we saw Kurt solve his first murder case. Solving the case was tortuous for him, leaving him questioning how effective his role was, did justice take its full course? After solving the murder mystery of Hugo, a Malmö teenager. The culprit lawyered up, successfully shielding himself from the long arms of the law. Coupled with the loss of his mentor, Kurt Wallander questions the essence of it all. Finally quitting the Malmö Police and his career as an investigator. The next season will possibly look at Kurt’s life after quitting the service and what draws him back in, making him into the renowned detective in Ystad’s town.

Young Wallander Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

Although, this show was inspired by a Swedish novel and also set in the Swedish town of Malmö. Boast of only one Swedish actor (Adam Palsson). However, the show two directors are Swedish. The cast includes Adam Palsson as Kurt Wallander, the detective. Ellise Chappell (Poldark) stars as Mona. Richard Dilliane (Silent Witness) as Superintendent Hemberg. Leanne Best (Cold Feet) as Frida Rask, among others.

Young Wallander Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

The trailer for the second season has not yet been released since the show is yet to be renewed. However, here is the trailer for the first season of the show. 

What do you expect to see in the second season if renewed?

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