YOLO: Silver Destiny Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates You Need To Know!

Michael Cusack has a lot of adult animated shows lined up for next year. One of the shows, the Koala Man, is aiming for a January 9th release, and a week later, YOLO: Silver Destiny will also be making a debut. The Yolo series will debut in 2023, and so far, there is the trailer to get you pumped up for what waits for type.

The released trailer perfectly depicts why you should not be thinking of passing up on the show, as it is the vibe and show you need for the New Year. The second show will consist of Sarah and Rachel reuniting to have fun and live life as they work on their dreams of tending a beautiful garden and being empresses, respectively. Here is everything we know about the upcoming series.

YOLO: Silver Destiny Season 1 Release Date: When will it be telecasted?

The upcoming series will debut on Warner Bros Discovery on January 15th, and finally, there is an adult animation to look forward to. The series will release two back-to-back episodes; the rest are expected to debut weekly. However, each episode will be available on HBO max on January 22nd, just after they release on Warner Bros, a change compared to the show’s first season.

YOLO; Silver Destiny Season 1 Plot: What should we expect?

The series’ plot revolves around Sarah and Rachael. Sarah wants to grow and tender her garden, while Rachel wants to be a dark empress. Despite the two having completely different destinies, they meet at the Sausage grizzles and ally, striking off as a friendship. On the other hand, Lucas tries his best to win Sarah’s heart, but first, he will have to get rid of her repulsion for him. Based on the series synopsis, you should expect the same plot for season two of the show; Lucas is trying to win Sarah’s heart as the girls bud their friendship.

YOLO; Silver Destiny Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

 The series cast is led by two women, Sarah Bishop (A Discovery Of Witches) and Todor Manojlovic, who will be cast as Sarah and Rachel Respectively, the two premiered in the first season of the show, and it comes as no surprise that they will be reprising their roles. Michael Cusack is also expected to do the heavy part of the series casting by voicing many characters.

Since the upcoming show is Australian, we expect most voice actors to be Aussies. The show’s first season had Michelle Brassier and Naomi Higgins, and they could also be back in its second season. We can also assume that the show will consist of some famous faces, but we can only be sure.

YOLO; Silver Destiny Season 1 Trailer: When can we expect?

Fortunately, the adult animated series trailer has already been released, and you can check it out on Netflix. The trailer starts with a voiceover explaining the characters; Sera, who has a garden, Rachel, who wants to be an empress and Lucas, an alchemist. It then progresses to a woman falling out of the window, an animal singing, and a rowdy party.

Sarah and Rachel reunite, and you can see them on adventures, drinking to the best of their abilities. The trailer also shows some weird-looking creatures and more of Sarah and Rachel living their lives to their fullest.

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