Top 10 Tourist Places in Munnar

Munnar has emerged as an all season destination. Top 10 tourist places in Munnar are listed here. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy sightseeing and visiting tea estates in Munnar. 

1. Marayoor

Marayoor is a land of waterfalls, sandalwood trees, rivers, rocky hills, bamboo forests, cave temples and paintings. Ancient dolmens in Marayoor dates back to the stone age and in Malayalam the dolmens are called as dwelling places of the Sadhus or Muniyaras. It contains a number of sandalwood forests, and is the only place in Kerala where natural sandalwood forest is present.

marayoor tourist places in munnar

2. Top Station

Top Station is located around 32 km away from Munnar. It is the highest point (1700m) on the Munnar-Kodaikanal road. It offers a panoramic view of the majestic Western Ghats. The Top station destination is famous for the Neelakurinji flowers (Strobilanthus), which used to bloom once in twelve years.  At this top station, you may feel that the clouds are just a hand touch away from you.

top station tourist places in munnar

3. Echo Point

Echo Point is located 15 km away from Munnar. Echo point  gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here. It always has a greenish look as it is covered with abundant green sceneries. The scenic view of mist clad hills and pleasing mountain breeze make this place worth visiting. The adventurous can also opt for trekking up the mountains.

echo point tourist places in munnar

4. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is located 60 kms away  from Munnar. The Sanctuary is covered with dry thorny scrub forest, riparian types, sholas, deciduous forests, and grasslands that are interspersed within hillocks, rocks, plains and cliffs.  It is an ideal spot for enjoying wildlife closely . Almost 34 species of mammals,including  spotted deer,panthers, elephants, tigers can be found here. It is also a bird watchers paradise . 245 species of birds live here.

chinnar tourist places in munnar

5. Rajamalai (Part of Eravikulam National Park)

Rajamalai  is located at about 15 kms from Munnar. This region is the natural habitat of the Hemitragas hylocres (Nilgiri Tahr). Rajamalai park was converted to a national park to provide a safe sanctuary  for the already endangered species of Nilgiri Tahr. Eravikulam National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rajamalai tourist places in munnar

6. Chithirapuram

Chithirapuram is located at about 10 km from Munnar. It has courts and old playgrounds , bungalows and sleepy little cottages which all give this place an old world charm. Chithirapuram town is also famous for its tea plantations in the world.

chithirapuram tourist places in munnar

7. Attukal Waterfalls

Attukal waterfall is  located between Munnar and Pallivasal,  Attukal waterfalls is  just 9 km away from munnar. A  scenery of waterfalls and rolling hills is a feast for the eyes. The place is also ideal for long treks.  Best  time to to visit the waterfall is during monsoon.

attukal tourist places in munnar

 8. Devikulam

Devikulam is a scenic hill station near Munnar. It is an idyllic hill station with its velvet lawns, exotic fauna, flora and the cool mountain air are rare experience. It is famous for its cascading waterfalls as well as lakes where Goddess Sita is supposed to have taken a bath. Devikulam lake not only holds sacred value, but it is also supposed to have healing powers.

devikulam tourist places in munnar

9. Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak is the tallest peak in south India, Situated at a height of over 2695 metres. As part of the Western Ghats,  this imposing peak stands tall in the Eravikulam National Park. Anamudi peak is densely covered with evergreen forests, which is home to rare species of flora,fauna, and vibrant avifauna.

anamudi tourist places in munnar

10. Kundala lake

Kundala  Lake is Situated about 21 km from Munnar, It is also known as Sethuparvati Dam. This dam was constructed for Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project in 1946 and is considered to be Asia’s first arch shape dam. The Vicinity of Kundala Dam and Lake are Golf Course ground and Kundala Tea Plantations.

 Kundala lake tourist places in munnar

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