Top 10 Unknown Freedom Fighters of India

6. Tirupur Kumaran

Tirupur Kumaran was born on 4 October 1904.He was an Indian revolutionary who participated in the Indian independence movement.Desa Bandhu Youth Association was founded by Kumaran. He was killed for holding the flag of Indian nationalists that was banned by the British, during the protest march against the colonial government on 11th January, 1932. Though he was injured, he found dead holding the flag.

Tirupur Kumaran

7. Bhikaiji Cama

Bhikaiji Cama was born on 24 September 1861.She was a part of the Indian Independence Movement, and also for the gender equality. Bhikaiji donated most of her personal effects to an orphanage for girls. In 1907, she also unfurled the Indian flag at the international socialist conference at Stuttgart in Germany.She died on 13 August 1936.

Bhikaiji Cama

8. Velu Nachiyar

Velu Nachiyar was 18th- century Indian queen from Sivaganga. She was a first queen to fight a war against against the British. When Muthuvaduganathaperiya Udaiyathevar (her husband), was killed by British soldiers. Velu nachiyar was drawn into battle. She escaped with her daughter and lived under the protection of  Palayakaarar Kopaala Naayakkar at Virupachi for eight years. She formed a women army named  “udaiyaal” in honour of her adopted daughter  “udaiyaal”.Velu Nachiyar exact date of her death is not known (it was about 1790).

Velu Nachiyar

9. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay was born on 3 April 1903.She was a freedom fighter and social reformer. she is well known for her contribution to the Indian Independence movement. She was the first woman to run for a legislative seat in India and she was the first woman to be arrested by the British regime. She plays a vital role in uplifting the socio-economic standard of the Indian women.She died on 29 October 1988.

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

10. Lakshmi Sahgal

Lakshmi Swaminathan was popularly known as Lakshmi Sahgal born on 24 October 1914.Lakshmi Sahgal was a revolutionary of the Indian independence movement, the Minister of Women’s Affairs in the Azad Hind government and an officer of the Indian National Army. She was referred to as “captain Lakshmi”a reference to her rank when taken prisoner in Burma during world war-II. She died on 23 July 2012.

Lakshmi Swaminathan

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