Top 10 Unknown Facts About Narendra Modi

Here are the top 10 interesting facts about Narendra Modi that you should know. Narendra Modi is now India’s Prime Minister and probably the hope of development right now.

Unknown Facts About Narendra Modi


The present Prime Minister of India is well connected to his roots even after reaching the zenith of his political career. He is grounded and is one of the patrons of the national language and avidly uses Hindi while addressing the public or the press. His uniqueness is that Modi always puts his signature in Hindi, whether it be an official document or in any casual occasion.


Marital Status

For many years the marital status of Narendra Modi was not known, but before the 2014 General Elections, Modi filled in some papers wherein he mentioned his wife’s name in one of the columns. When he was a teenager, he was married to Jashodaben Chimanlal by their parents. However, the marriage did not become a consummate relationship as soon after the marriage, he left home and embarked on his journey in politics.

A Poet Within

He engages in literary pursuits and has penned a number of poetic pieces in his mother tongue, Gujarati. He has also published some of his literary works. Apart from being a poet, this superlative leader also takes delight in photography and even held an exhibition in which his talent as a photographer was manifested.



Narendra Modi is a teetotaller. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. He is a complete vegetarian.


Bohemian Life

He aspired to become a sanyasi as a child and in his late teenage years he ventured on an unknown journey and travelled from one place to another. The places he sojourned included Ramakrishna Mission of Rajkot and Belur Math and finally landed in the Himalayan ranges where he spent about a couple of years with the sadhus, and lived a life of a gypsy.


Followed By

He is one among the FOUR people whom Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe follows on the social networking site Twitter. He has more than 12-million followers on Twitter, which places him second as the world’s most followed leaders after President Obama.


No Visa

In 2005, the US government did not issue him a diplomatic visa and under US Immigration and Nationality Act, the visa which he already possessed was invalidated.


Loves technology

We all are aware of  Narendra Modi’s love for Technology. In closed door meeting he likes multi-media presentations,He has childhood like enthusiasm for technology.

Every morning he log in to his system and read everything written about him or anything that matters to him. This way he could know for what he is being criticized or praised.


Early Riser

He is an early riser and has been maintaining a steady wake up time of 5- 5.30am regardless of the season or any other factor. Even if he sleeps late at night, there are no amends made to his wake up time.

early raised


This is a word this illustrious leader does not relate to. He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a span of thirteen years and during his term in office he did not take any leave. He is a workaholic and work tops the priority list of Modi.

No Best Friends

Modi has no best friends.He is a loner.

no friends

Fast During Navratra Days

He fasts all nine days during navratra every year.Eating only one fruit a day.


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