Top 10 Movie Theater in Europe

Top 10 Movie Theater In Europe

List of top 10 movie theater in Europe

Odeon-Theatre de l’Europe

Odéon-Theatre de l'Europe

One of the national theatres in Europe is the Odeon theatre. It’s neither art nor the theatre. The interior decorations and the seating’s made the theatre high in people hearts. It was originally built between 1779 and 1782.The new theatre was inaugurated by Marie-Antoinette on April 9, 1782.

The present structure, designed by Pierre Thomas Baraguay, was opened in September 1819.If anybody have chance go and enjoy the theatre than the show.

San Carlo 

San Carlo Theatre

The Real Theatre di San Carlo is Ione of the oldest continuously active venue for public situated in Naples, Italy. Opened in 1737. It is located adjacent to the central Piazza, and connected to the Palace. Actually the theatre presents in the house currently has a seating capacity of 3,285.

Akademicheskiy Malyy dramaticheskiy teatr

Place: Teatr Evropy, Russia

Akademicheskiy Malyy dramaticheskiy teatr - Teatr Evropy,russia

It is not only the cinema theatre other than Drama academy it also performing adventurous works, including one that runs for 9 hours in 1911.

Route 66 Drive-In Cinemas

Place: United Kingdom

Route 66 Drive-In Cinemas,uk

This is the first open air drive-in cinemas in Liverpool & Manchester showing the latest releases on the biggest outdoor screens. Route 66 Drive-In Cinema Manchester is opened 7 nights a week and is the Europe’s only outdoor digital cinema.

Olympic Theatre

Place: Italy

Olympic Theater,italy

Constructed in 1580-1585, the final design of the theatre by the Italian Renaissance architect. When beginning it had a very old stage set all over the Europe.

Theatre Royal

Place: Drury Lane, united kingdom

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane,uk

It was one of a handful of patent theatres which means spoken plays, rather than opera, dance, concerts, or plays with music. The building faces Catherine Street and backs onto Drury Lane.it always plays the legitimate drama. Its seating capacity 2,196 includes 4 levels.

One of the historic theatre which is situated in Prague, Czech Republic. The Estates Theatre was annexed to the National in 1948 and currently draws on three artistic ensembles, opera, ballet, and drama, which perform at the Estates Theatre.


Theatre Real

Place: Spain

Teatro Real,spain

This the very big house. Today, the Theatre Real opera is one of the great theatres of Europe and its seasons are home productions involving leading figures of the international singing, musical direction, stage direction and dance. The theatre also offers guided tours in several languages, including the auditorium, stage, workshops and rehearsal rooms.

National Theatre Bucharest

Place: Romania

National Theatre Bucharest,romania

The National Theatre Bucharest is one of the national theatres of Romania. A building consist of three parts. The original National Theatre was built between 1967 and 1970 to the design of three Romanian architects. Can book the theatre through online.

Grand theatre

Place: United Kingdom


The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre is Grade II Listed Building located in Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, it was designed in 1894.It has a seating capacity of 1200.

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