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Tim Belusko gained fame primarily through his relationship with Danielle Fishel, the star of Boy Meets World. The couple tied the knot in Los Angeles, California on October 19, 2013, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2016.

Tim Belusko Early Life:

Full Real Name Tim Belusko
Profession Family Member
Date Of Birth July 8th, 1988
Age 34 years old
Birthday July 8th
Year Of Birth 1988
Country United States
Nationality American

Danielle and he crossed paths when she decided to return to school at the age of 27 in order to complete her college degree. He was born on July 8, 1988 in New York and is currently 35 years old.

Tim Belusko Education:

Highest Qualification Graduated
University California State University
College Santiago Canyon College

Tim Belusko completed his associate’s degree in 2010 at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California. In the same year, he enrolled at California State University and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies.

Tim Belusko Family:

Tim Belusko, who was born on July 8, 1988, in New York, USA. Their nuptials were held on October 19, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, but unfortunately ended in divorce in 2016. However, details about Tim’s upbringing, including information about his parents, siblings, and childhood, remain undisclosed.

Tim Belusko Zodiac Sign:

Sun Sign Cancer
Birth Sign Duality Passive
Birth Sign Modality Cardinal Water

His zodiac sign is Cancer, which is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac and spans from June 21 to July 22. Cancer is known for its emotional and intuitive nature. It is symbolized by the crab and is ruled by the Moon. Those born under the sign of Cancer are often characterized as nurturing, protective, and family-oriented individuals.

Tim Belusko Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 67
Weight In Lbs 147
Height In Feet 5′ 6”
Height In Meter 1.67
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 6(US)

He stands at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches and has a weight of 67 kg. Moreover, he possesses captivating brown eyes and a head full of lustrous black hair.

Tim Belusko Relationship Status:

Spouse Name Danielle Fishel(2012-2015)
Marital Status divorced

Tim Belusko gained recognition as the former spouse of Danielle Fishel, who rose to fame for her role in Boy Meets World. Their marriage took place on October 19, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, and unfortunately ended in divorce in 2016. Post-divorce, Tim Belusko has maintained a private life, staying away from the public eye. He does not engage in social media platforms, making it challenging to uncover details about his current dating status. Thus, his romantic involvements remain undisclosed to the public eye.

Tim Belusko Career:

Tim Belusko has gained a wealth of experience working for various companies and holding different positions throughout his career. Following the completion of his studies, he embarked on his professional journey at Syncast Powering Integration, where he commenced his career as a Customer Service Representative. After dedicating three years and four months to the role, he chose to move on from the position for undisclosed reasons.

During the period from 2015 to 2016, Tim served as the market manager for Deschutes Brewery, utilizing his skills and expertise to contribute to the success of the company. Subsequently, he assumed the role of regional sales manager at the renowned Ballast Point Brewing & Sports, further expanding his knowledge of the brewery industry.

It is worth noting that Tim’s journey continues, as he currently holds the position of Regional Development Manager for the esteemed Food and Beverage Constellation brand, a role he has been excelling in since 2018. With his vast experience and dedication, Tim continues to make valuable contributions to the industry, constantly striving for excellence.

Tim Belusko Social Media:

Tim Belusko maintains a minimal online presence, with his activity on social media platforms being limited. His engagement is primarily limited to a private Instagram account, which boasts a modest following of over 1,000 individuals. Remarkably, Tim does not possess active Twitter or Facebook profiles to engage with the wider public.

Tim Belusko Net Worth:

Net Worth $1.5 million

Tim Belusko’s net worth is reportedly believed to be approximately $1.5 million. His brewery, Hand-Brewed Beer, is his main source of revenue. His estimated net worth, according to various reports, might range from $1 million to $5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What does Tim Belusko Do for a Living?

Since the beginning of his career, Tim Belusko has held several positions in various businesses. He began working as a Customer Service Representative at Syncast Powering Integration after finishing his education. He departed the position for unspecified reasons after working there for three years and four months. He worked for Deschutes Brewery as a market manager from 2015 to 2016. Then he accepted a position as regional sales manager at Ballast Point Brewing & Sports. He has been employed with the Food and Beverage Constellation brand since 2018 as a regional development manager.

Q2. What is the Net Worth of Tim Belusko?

His net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Q3. How Old is Tim Belusko?

He is 35 years old.

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