‘Thunder Force’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer Team Up As Superheroes To Fight Against Crime In Netflix Comedy !

As a superhero pair, Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer and Thor: Love and Thunder actress Melissa McCarthy has been seen fighting against Amazon TV Show Homecoming star- Bobby Cannavale in the latest superhero comedy film trailer Thunder Force.

Octavia Spencer plays Emily Stanton’s role, a scientist who made a formula to bestow common people superpowers. However, she and her best friend Lydia (played by Melissa) become a team with superpowers when Lydia is mistakenly injecting this superhero and superpower genes serum. They are fighting against crime in a city where supervillains are normal.

As an effect of the serum, we see in the first flick, Lydia reveals her super-strength; on the other side, Emily shows off her invisibility power. When the supervillain enters the city, it’s the Thunder Force’s responsibility to step forward to protect Chicago from the torments of evil.

The promo lastly depicts the Crab Man played by Jason Bateman (The Outsider Season 2). He is most probably involved with the Thunder Force team and tries to save the town from a superpowered sinner.

Let’s look at the Instagram posts of the cast of Thunder Force to see how excited they were for this comedy superpower film.

Other cast features in the upcoming action-comedy include Bobby Cannavale as a supervillain, Kevin Dunn, Pom Klementieff, Melissa Leo, and Jason Bateman as a minor villain.

The writer-director of Thunder Force is Melissa McCarthy’s real-life husband, Ben Falcone. Previously, Ben worked with Melissa on Tammy, The Boss, Life of the Party, and Superintelligence. Also, he serves as a producer along with Mellissa McCarthy, Marc Platt, and Adam Siegel. In addition, Melissa and Ben collaborate to make Comedy Series ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’.

You can watch the Netflix Original Movies Thunder Force Trailer above, which presents the best friend duo with their superhero powers.

On April 9, the comedy-action Thunder Force will stream on Netflix streaming service.

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