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The Terminal List Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Get Every Detail About It!

The Terminal List

The Terminal List is based on Jack Carr’s book with the same title. It is an upcoming Amazon Studios production that promises viewers an impressive cast and thrilling story. One of the positive things about Amazon is its constant search for ways of competing with other streaming platforms such as Netflix. It, therefore, strive to outdo itself in the quality and storylines of the movies it produces. 

The movie and streaming platform saw it wise to bring back Chris Pratt (Vacation Friends 2) after his massive success with The Tomorrow’s War, also an Amazon special. Based on that and the book’s popularity, we can expect this movie to be a success. 

Well, let’s take a look at what we know about this series. 

The Terminal List Season 2 Plot: What should we expect?

The Terminal List is based on Jac Carr’s first novel, Terminal List: A Thriller, published in 2018. It attracted many readers from all walks of life. It is the first in a five-book series whose next installment will drop in April 2022. 

The series, just like the book, is expected to follow Lieutenant Commandeer James Reece uncovering a government conspiracy and struggle with his traumatic memories. He comes back home to learn that the ambush which got an entire Navy SEALS team killed was a betrayal by his government. He seeks revenge for whatever happened and endangers his family in the process. 

It will realistically depict battles and military operations. The writer of the book, Jack Carr, has experience with Naval Special Warfare, which most probably inspired him to write this fantastic book. 

However, the plot can also diverge from the book, but one thing that’s for sure is that it will still stick to its vision. Fans should expect exciting action sequences. Let’s see how Chris Pratt will bring this writer’s work into reality. 

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date: When will it hit the screens?

Amazon is yet to announce the official release date of the second series. However, it was announced in after seven months of the release of first seasonn. We can expect it to drop early this year of 2024. It makes sense since Amazon will have some time between the series’ premiere and other upcoming large-scale action projects such as The Lord of the Rings, which is expected to come out in September 2022. 

The Terminal List is a forthcoming American thriller drama featuring Chris Pratt that is based on Jack Carr’s novel of the same name. But there’s a piece of good news for viewers that On July 1, 2022, it will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

The Terminal List Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

We have mentioned Chris Pratt, who will be the leading actor. He got his start on TV even though shows such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World may have fueled his popularity. Remember, apart from acting; he will also be an executive producer.

This action series will also star Constance Wu (Solos) as Katie Buranek, a war correspondent, and Riley Keough and Catherine Dyer as James’s wife and mother-in-law. Other roles will be played by Jai Courtney, from the two Suicide Squad films as Billionaire Horns, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards, James’ best friend. You may have seen Kitsch in John Carter and Battleship (Rihanna). 

The Terminal List Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch?

Amazon hasn’t yet released an official trailer of the second series. However, Jack Carr, the book’s writer on which this series is based, has something for you that should shed some light on what to expect. Take a look at the first season trailer of the show.

Reviews And Ratings of The Terminal List Season 1:

On major movie sites like IMDb, it got a solid rating of 7/10; on the other side, on Rotten Tom, it got a rating of 40% on Tomatometer and 94% on the audience score.

Where can I Watch All Episodes of The Terminal List Season 1?

All the episodes of The Terminal’s first season are available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. Viewers with an Amazon Prime subscription account can watch the show directly. Or you can subscribe to the monthly/yearly plan by following this direct link to the site.

Season One of The Terminal has eight episodes in total:

  1. S1 E1 – The Engram
  2. S1 E2 – Encoding
  3. S1 E3 – Consolidation
  4. S1 E4 – Detachment
  5. S1 E5 – Disruption
  6. S1 E6 – Transience
  7. S1 E7 – Extinction
  8. S1 E8 – Reclamation

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