The Five Juanas 2: Netflix Series Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

Having a birthmark is normal but five different people having the same birthmark in the same places is mind-blowing. Fans of telenovela consider 2022 a good year with the 18-episode soap “The Five Juanas” release. This series combines all the cliches accompanied with melodrama that will have you invested by the first episode.

The show is quite a stir from fiery Mexican babes, steamy sex parts to dysfunctional families and complicated relationships. “La Venganza de las Juanas “is based on the premise of the Columbiana telenovela series developed by Bernardo Romero Pereiro. What if they are more Juanas than just the sixth one? How will Federico and Juana Valentino cope with the realization that they are of the same family?

The Five Juanas Season 1 Recap:

The Five Juanas Cast

The series starts with five ladies coincidentally meeting each other at the hotel and later realizing that they have the same birthmark in the same place. This arouses their suspicion and they all do a DNA test to prove whether they are related. When the results come out positive, they realize that their mother’s not being present is a consistent pattern in all of them except for one of the sisters, who proves to be difficult a first. They discover that their father is a politician who may not want anything to do with them. The soap consists of lots of conspiracies and secrets that are unraveled one at a time. Each of them finds a way to fall in love with their significant others; tough at first, but hey, love conquers all!

The Five Juanas Season 2 Release Date:

Will the Five Juanas be renewed for the second season? Netflix takes a while before renewing most of their shows. The Squid Game, one of the biggest shows, is yet to be renewed after three weeks of it consistently being the talk of the town.

A show’s viewership is the number one determinant when being considered for renewal. If it is renewed, the official communication will be made on Netflix. This will be after receiving the go-ahead from the show’s creators. As predictable as the telenovelas series are, The Five Juanas had a little twist. 

The Five Juanas Season 2 Cast:

The five sexy sisters play a key role in this film. Uria Vega (The Stripper), Juanita Arias (The singer), Sofia Engberg (The psychic), Oka Giner (The Nun) and Renata Notni (The Journalist). With such a combination, this was the most unique group of sisters among all the telenovelas. They are expected to be back in the next season together with their love interests.   Predicting how the series unfolds, Carlo Ponse, who played Simon Marroquin, may not be back for the soap’s second season.

The ending of the series may have pointed that there was a sixth Juana. This means that we should expect new faces in the next season. It is about to get more interesting. The returning casts may also include; Ricky Del (Daniel), Fernando Becerril (Rogelio), Jorge Antonio Guerrero (Lorenzo), Ivan Amozurrutia (Federico), Veronica Merchant (Susana) and Pablo Astiazaran (Camilo).

The Five Juanas Season 2 Trailer:

As badly as fans may want the trailer of the second season, it is not out yet. Fans and those wishing to watch it for the first time can stream it on Netflix.

Netflix also has almost similar soap operas such as Zero Chill, Money Heist, You, among many others.

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