The Abandons Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything You Want To Know!

The Abandons is an upcoming Netflix series based on the 1850 Manifest Destiny era. The series will be created by Kurt Sutter, who will act as both the showrunner and the executive producer. However, this is only one time the creator has landed a deal on Netflix. The first deal the creator had with Netflix is This Beast, a series that explores the beast’s attack on a small village. The Abandon series announcement came in 2021, and Sutter expressed that he was happy to be working on the series project. However, one year down the line, we are still determining whether the shows are still in development. Here is everything we know bout the upcoming period drama.

The Abandons Season 1 Release Date: When will it be premiered?

We are still determining the series’ release date and when the show’s filming will start. According to Netflix updates, the series is still in its active development stage. Writing of the series scripts could either be in process or nearing completion, but we need to be given complete updates to be sure. A possible release date for the upcoming series is either 2023 or 2024.

The Abandons Season 1 Plot: What should we expect?

The Abandons is set in the Manifest Destiny period in 1895 when most people believed God’s plan was for the United States to spread democracy and capitalism throughout North America. It follows family members who strongly believe in Manifest Destiny but face the possibility of being thrown out of their country by corrupt and wealthy individuals. The Abandoned soul, the lowest societal group, and allies unite to fight against the displacement. In the process, however, they have to determine whether to use all means possible to get back what is right, even if it means breaking the law.

The Abandons Season 1 Cast: Who will be appearing?

No casting announcement has been made, and as of November 2022, we have yet to determine who will be featured in the drama series. Despite the series announcement being unknown, we know that Kurt Sutter will act as the showrunner and the executive producer of the upcoming series. Sutter has worked on various projects, including The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, and Mayans M.C, the series spinoff. Sutter expressed his sentiment about the upcoming series, saying he has always admired and wanted to do a western. Ian Anderson and Clapton motivate him to dream of becoming a rock flutist. He also added that his fascination with the La Cosa Nostra regions and the Sicilian families gave birth to the series plot. We have yet to find other executive producers, but we know that Netflix will provide updates as the series progresses.

The Abandons Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for The Abandons series is yet to be released, and unfortunately, we do not know how soon the trailer will be out. We have yet to determine when the series filming will commence; therefore, estimating the production date for the drama is impossible. We, however, believe that the earliest you should expect the series trailer is either in 2023 or 2024. Before the series is released, there are several other shows that you can check out on Netflix. One of Netflix’s recently released shows is 1899, a period drama that explores migrants’ journey to New York.

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