Supernatural Academy Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates

Supernatural Academy is an American animated series of two sisters with different supernatural powers. The show is based on the Supernatural Prison book by Jaymin eve. The series premiered on Apple Tv almost a year ago, and we are currently yet to be given updates on whether the show will be getting a renewal. Here is everything else we know about the upcoming series.

Supernatural Academy Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

Unfortunately, a release date for the show’s second season is yet to be updated and it will take some time before we get to see the show’s second season. The first season was released in January 2022, but we have yet to receive any renewal updates. If the series gets renewed this year, the earliest you should expect the series to be released is next year or in 2025.

Supernatural Academy Season 2 Plot: What will Happen?

The series plot introduces us to two twin sisters without an idea of each other’s existence. Mischa Lebron, one of the twins, lives in the human world with her mother, while her popular sister Jessa is a powerful and famous shapeshifter in the supernatural world. Since Mischa lives with her mother in the human world, she is not akin to the supernatural world and the types of magic it offers. She, however, dreams of mysterious beings, dream she has and writes down, and soon her powers are reemerging. Unable to suppress her other side, she is reunited with her sister Jessa and together, they will have to work on solving their differences. Unfortunately, we have yet to be updated on the second season plot, but it will most likely follow the first season’s finale.

Supernatural Academy Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

Larissa Dias voices Jessa Lebron, and Gigi Saul Guerrero as Mischa Lebron. Dias, the Brazilian actress, had featured in many shows, including Salve Jorge, the Globo Soap opera, where she featured as Waleska, the prostitute. On the other hand, Guerrero has also featured in several shows, including The Purge and Into the Dark, which she directed. Other characters include Bethany Brown as Terra, Shannon Chan-Kent, Ali Eisner as Jae, Vincent Tong as Maximus, Cardi Wong as Braxton, Alessandro as Jonathan, Barbara Kottmeier as Lienda, Diana Kaarina as Santra, Brian Drummond as headmaster Kristov, Miranda Edwards as Fern, Kathleen Barr as Yufon, Luc Roderique as Louis, and Camile Mitchell as Eldest Faerie.

Supernatural Academy Season 2 Cast

Supernatural Academy Season 1 Review:

The animation series has a 6.6/10 rating on IMDB, which is good enough if you want to binge on a tv show. It also has a fantastic plot and exemplary voice actors, which is worth a stream.

Supernatural Academy Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for the second season of Supernatural academy is yet to be released, and unfortunately, it will not be coming out anytime soon. The series is yet to be renewed, and we are unaware if it will be released. The show, however, has a 6.6/10 on IMDB, and chances are it will; be getting a renewal. If the show gets renewed early this year, we should expect the series trailer to be released either this year or early next year. There are also several tv shows like Umbrella Academy in case you need a show of the same genre.

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