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Law & Order: SUV (Special Victims Unit) is a Crime thriller drama T.V. series created by Dick Wolf for NBC. It features Mariska Hargitay as a one-time lead agent and later Captain Olivia, the commanding officer of the SVU, in a fictionalized story of the New York City Police Department. The Special Victims Unit has continued for 20 years, been nominated or bestowed with so many Emmy, Golden Globe, and People’s Choice Awards. It is often honored as one of the most popular fan-favorite shows in history. Without inquest, Olivia Benson and Eliot Stabler are among the top ten T.V. couples of all time. Taylor Swift even called her cat after the former. 

Picking the best episodes of the series is a tough note, given the fact that there are so many excellent examples of improbable drama and top-notch performance, but there’s no doubt about some specific examples reaching out above the rest. With over 400 episodes, picking out the ten best of SVU doesn’t look fair. But here, you can review the Top Ten Best SVU Episodes ever made that we have filtered for you from 22 seasons.

When did Law and Order SVU end?

April 23, 2020

The American crime drama T.V. series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ended on April 23, 2020. This presented the series the longest-running U.S. prime-time show in history.

Is Law and Order SVU based on true stories?

SVU pulls inspiration from real-life events and national news stories but changes the details to create original scripts that deviate from real life.

Is Law and Order SVU on any streaming service?

SVU airs every Thursday on NBC. They will also be open on multiple streaming networks. Viewers can get a complimentary trial on both Hulu and Peacock to stream new and old episodes of Law & Order: SVU for free.

What are episodes of SVU on Netflix?

Only the 18th season of SVU is currently available on Netflix.

10. Pixies

AIR DATE: January 12, 2001
DIRECTOR: Alan Metzger
WRITERS: Jonathan Greene & Robert F. Campbell

During season 2 of Law & Order: SVU, this episode was so chilled, and it’s still applicable to this day. The ninth episode, “Pixies,” was not only concerning the murder of a star athlete but a list of abuses in the gymnastics association. It was frightening to watch and recognize how vulnerable children are in their caregivers’ or coaches’ hands. Still, it’s even more horrific to remember that these same abuses proceed to go on today. The trial of former U.S. Gymnastics Larry Nassar is one of the most critical examples of not only how these abuses occur but how they proceed to permeate our society over time and do satisfying damage to children and teens during their lives. Kate Mara also guest-starred in this chapter.


9. Scorched Earth

AIR DATE: September 21, 2011
DIRECTOR: Michael Slovis
WRITERS: David Matthews

In 2012, star and singer Anika Noni Rose was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for her work on a special episode of SVU named “Scorched Earth.” The 13th season debut had big shoes to fill since Christopher Meloni had just departed the show. As it often appears, the series used a real case as inspiration for the episode. In this case, the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexual assault case is depicted.

Like many episodes, this one influenced the he-said-she-said variety of so many criminal cases. Still, it also drew consideration to what happens under rules of diplomatic immunity. It was also a frightening episode for fans who had to attend Benson Stabler’s retirement from the army.

8. Hammered

AIR DATE: October 14, 2009
DIRECTOR: Peter Leto
WRITERS: Dawn DeNoon

The fourth installment of the 11th season of the series, “Hammered,” won the PRISM Award for Drama Series Episode. This highly-rated episode, which guest-starred Scott Foley, not only traded with the effects of liquor in the case but in the course of ADA Sonya Paxton. This episode brought out the team’s best, but it also highlighted how much human nature makes us all dangerous to ourselves or one another. Even Stabler made rookie errors with a defendant in this episode, which paralleled the drunkards’ mistakes. SVU often strives to demonstrate human uncertainty and the effects of substance misuse, but this was one of the deftest examples in the show’s history.


7. Undercover

AIR DATE: April 15, 2008
DIRECTOR: David Platt
WRITERS: Mark Goffman

Season 15’s ninth chapter, “Undercover,” is one of the several difficult episodes of SVU to binge since our favorite Olivia Benson nearly gets attacked by a prison guard while she’s hidden on assignment. She is confused and helpless, secured with the C.O. in a basement until Detective Tutuola reaches up to her. It’s not just Hargitay’s play nor Olivia’s horrible practice, which leads to PTSD, making this episode so moving. The light is shone on how the defenders of the inmates struggle back from prison attacks. Like many episodes, this one represents issues we continue to have to this day.

6. Charisma

AIR DATE: November 16, 2004
DIRECTOR: Arthur W. Forney
WRITERS: Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters

Stabler and Bensen in Law & Order: SVU is as old as kidding about cults and taking the purple kool-aid. Still, when Law & Order: SVU takes the issue, they make it with terror to secure it with you until the edge of your days, which will occur if you watch the sixth chapter, “Charisma.” In this episode, Sons of Anarchy’s Jeff Kober presents a terrifyingly real cult leader/con-man named Abraham who brings out rich women’s partners, destroys most of the characters in his cult, and steals a 12-year-old.

It’s a diseased episode about what monsters people can grow, but it also features one of the tightest, most taut scenes on T.V. when the 12-year-old drops and defend herself against her abuser.

5. Hothouse

AIR DATE: January 13, 2009
DIRECTOR: Peter Leto
WRITERS: Charley Davis

One of the most exciting things about SVU is its readiness to address contemporary problems that often don’t get enough recognition, from human trafficking to extreme violence. In season 10’s “Hothouse,” Sarah Hyland is highlighted as a stressed-out student and very off to her companion. It’s already exciting because she’s just a teen who still resembles a little girl, but it’s also worrisome because it shows the finger at the scholar culture in today’s school.

While many parents pretend that they did their studies with more difficulties without the Internet, today’s students are constrained with advanced studies, competing programs, and outside forces. The Boomer generation couldn’t even dream up. This episode helps explain the kind of anxiety that can result from this practice. It was also just a well-done scene with some twists and surprises, one of which involved Benson posing as a madam.


4. Zebras

AIR DATE: June 2, 2009
DIRECTOR: Peter Leto
WRITERS: Amanda Green, Daniel Truly

Many followers who’ve seen every episode call season 10’s “Zebras,” the most violent episode they’ve ever seen. Not only does it highlight some interesting inside-the-squad drama when CSU Dale Stuckey performs a mistake, but it also directs out that he was a killer! Benson also locks lips with him to distract him and save Stabler’s life, but only after slapping lower Elliot around to demonstrate the proposed business. This was an incredibly dramatic turn after seeing Stuckey’s transformation from fresh-faced CSU to the sociopath, and his catchphrase, “Bing, bang, bang,” took a whole new meaning. The episode also pointed out how law enforcement people can easily become criminals. In this episode, Noel Fisher guest-starred as Stuckey.

3. Conscience

AIR DATE: November 9, 2004
DIRECTOR: David Platt
WRITERS: Roger Wolfson & Robert Nathan

Nothing is more shivery than a kid who takes out the lives of different kids, and that’s exactly what season six’s “Conscience” dealt beside. When a 13-year-old is determined to not only have killed a five-year-old but to have abused many children at camp, he’s diagnosed as a sociopath. In a huge bend of events, the five years old’s grieving father, a psychiatrist who knows the boy will never feel regret and may act on his urges repeatedly, steals a gun and practices the teen killer down in court. It’s one of B.D. Wong’s most fascinating cases as Dr. Huang, since he can show that guest star Kyle MacLachlan is faking every symptom of a grief-stricken father and shooting the child in cold blood to prevent further murders from happening. Indeed, after being acquitted in court, he confesses that is what happened.

2. Nocturne

AIR DATE: May 12, 2000
DIRECTOR: Jean de Segonzac
WRITERS: Wendy West

One of the most beneficial things that SVU has done for our practice is to explain how boys and men are also sufferers of assault. In the first season’s 21st chapter, “Nocturne,” we observe how a piano teacher not only violates his charges but how the smallest one of his credits goes on to develop him as an abuser himself. Law & Order: SVU is great at supporting and sympathizing with people to see how they are suited, who they are, why they do, and whatever they do. Sometimes a monster is a monster, but seldom it’s an innocent kid who is internally an awful person. That identical kid, in this case, is the guest role as performed by Wilson Jermaine. 


1. 911

AIR DATE: October 4, 2005
DIRECTOR: Ted Kotcheff
WRITERS: Patrick Harbinson

It is no surprise that the best installment of SVU of all time is Mariska Hargitay’s Emmy Award-winning episode from the seventh season, entitled “911.” This episode revolves around Detective Benson, who runs after a timepiece to locate a little girl who has dialed 911 for help from a place in which she’s trapped. Her location, of course, extends to change as Benson strives to save her ere it’s too late.

One of the most gut-wrenching portions of television ever written, this one nevermore gets old. It features Benson in all her butt-kicking brilliance performance as well as some of her most sympathetic moments, and it’s just an illustration of what good T.V. dramas look like.


The Original Law & Order: Special Victims Unit had 22 seasons in total, with 486 episodes. That’s the list we have sorted out to give you the best ten episodes of Law and Order SVU, which you can enjoy by binge-watching them on Hulu Plus, Peacock, or on Netflix(18th season).

Opinions are purely subjective, but we believe that most people would agree with many of the picks on this list. But if it didn’t, what’s your favorite episode of the show? Remark off in the comments section below.

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