Spirit Rangers Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Want To Know!

The goal of achieving cultural diversity in kid shows is growing necessary as the days go by. Just the other day, Disney revealed a trailer of a black Ariel as opposed to the white Ariel that we have seen over the years, and this caused quite an uproar and social media wars. Another animation coming to our screens is the Spirit Ranger, an adventure animation that seeks to represent all the natives in the house. The first season has already been released, and here is all we know about the show’s season 2.

Spirit Rangers Season 2 Release Date

Netflix is yet to give us a precise date on when we should expect the second season of the Spirit Ranger to be released. The first season was released on 10th October, aligning with the Cultural Diversity Celebration day. For the animation to be renewed for the second season, it will have to do exceptionally well, and we will have to wait for the first season’s performance before we gauge the second season’s release date.

Spirit Rangers Season 2 Plot

The adventures series is a project of the Representation Matters Collection, and it aims at celebrating the community, nature, and the history of the Native Americans. The animation is inspired by another native folklore and the American National Parks, and it follows the adventures of the Cowlitz and the Skycedar siblings. Chumash, Kodi, summer, and Eddy share an are spirit secret. Rangers have been charged with protecting their lands and the spirits of the California National Park. Nobody knows about the little task bestowed upon them, but they go on their way to ensure that the native land and spirits are protected just as instructed. At the moment, we do not know what the season two plot will entail. We are, however, confident that the second season will still be about the Spirit rangers protecting their heritage.

Spirit Rangers Season 2 Cast

The Spirit Rangers cast is predominantly native, as representation matters and is the driving force behind this project. The native siblings will be played by; Wacinyeya Iwas’aka playing Kodi Skycedar, Isis Celilo as Summer Skycedar, and Talon Proc as Eddy Skycedar. Kimberly Guerero, well-known for her role in Rutherford Falls, portrays the Skycedar sibling’s mom, John Timothy casts as their dad, Cree Summer as the lizard, and Shaun Taylor as the Coyote. Other casts include Wes Studi as Sunny, Tantoo Cardinal playing Moon, Devery Jacobs as Wind Eagle, and Nyla Rose as Lawetlat’la. The second season cast is yet to be mentioned, but if the series gets renewed, we expect all the Skycedar siblings to return.

Spirit Rangers Season 2 Trailer

We are yet to receive the second season trailer of the spirit Ranger animation, and it will take a while before the trailer is released. The show’s first season releases on 10th October; therefore, we will have to get the series renewed before we can even think about the trailer. However, you can check out the first season trailer on both Netflix and their official Youtube Channel. The first season is also on Netflix under a free trial, and you can now watch the Spirit rangers protect their home and native folklore.

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